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'Boys After Dark' EP 1 recap: All about truth and lies in relationships

Markus, Aljon, Anthony, Jae, and Gello reveal their non-negotiables in a relationship!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/5/2022 in News
'Boys After Dark' EP 1 recap: All about truth and lies in relationships

The "Boys After Dark" pilot episode has officially dropped on Rise Artists Studio's official YouTube channel and it was already as juicy and fun as we expected it to be! 

In the first episode of the video podcast, the boys — Markus Paterson, Anthony Jennings, Jae Miranda, Gello Marquez, and Aljon Mendoza — tackled truths and lies in a relationship, as they opened up about their own experiences in love. 

While playing beer pong with a twist, the boys started out their conversation with some rather light questions, such as asking permission from your girlfriend to whether they would tell their partners if their family doesn't like them. 

The discussion turned more serious when the topic of lying and cheating came in, to which Anthony asked them: "[Paano] 'pag nagde-delete ng message [‘yung partner mo]?" 

This prompted Gello to recall his own experience in the past, saying, "May kaibigan siya. Sabi ko, 'Sino ba 'yan? Patingin nga ng message.' Sabi niya, 'Wag na, 'wag na.' 'Titignan ko lang naman, wala namang ano.' Pagtingin ko, 'Good morning, kumain ka na ba?' Ano 'to?" 

"Tapos, nagalit ako. Ang ending, ako nag-sorry kasi nag-isip ako ng masama. Turns out na parang tama," he added. 

Meanwhile, Aljon believes asking the other party first before drawing into conclusion. "Ako depende sa kung gaano kabigat 'yung tinago sa'kin. Co-confront ko muna, tatanungin ko muna nang maayos," he said. 

When it comes to non-negotiables in their relationships, the boys agree on one thing: cheating. 

"Cheating. 'Yung having sexual intercourse with another man. Obviously, you guys should know that that is wrong," Markus stressed, to which Anthony wholeheartedly agreed, while hoping to never experience it. 

For his part, Jae answered: "Siguro 'yung unforgivable moment is after namin mag-break, after a few weeks, may bago na." 

Markus also cited one situation of his friend that relates to Jae's experience, which prompted him to share a lesson people should learn about breakups.  

"Kapag ikaw 'yung nag-cheat or nang-iwan, bigyan mo naman ng grace period 'yung lalaki para [mag-move on]," he said. 

More than the lesson he learned from others' relationships, the singer-actor also dished out the one lesson he learned from his own experience: "Kung may lessons ako sa mga relationships ko, never to date someone in the industry, bro," he pressed. 

Towards the end of the video, the boys also shared their takeaways from their pilot episode which boils down to trusting your partners. 

"More on trust talaga. If you trust someone, communication na 'yung susunod doon. Mag-communicate ka lang nang maayos with each other, kahit ano mang gala 'yan, explain mo lang nang maayos. Meet halfway," Jae explained. 

"Trust din," Anthony echoed Jae. "Feeling ko doon nagre-revolve lahat, eh. Kasi 'yun 'yung hindi nakukuha agad-agad, eh. Talagang process siya." 

Markus, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of healing from the past before entering a new relationship. 

“I’ve made the mistake more than three times in this life. It’s always to be ready in moving on. Because if you’re not ready and you move on, and you meet some other people and you still have some ties to your past, you have trauma and pain, that is gonna come back and haunt you. It’s gonna ruin the relationship that you already built,” he said. 

Watch the full pilot episode below: 

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