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8 of Angelica Panganiban’s most iconic roles on the big screen!

“That Thing Called Tadhana”, “I Love You, Goodbye” + more movies starring the one and only Angelica Panganiban

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/5/2022 in News
8 of Angelica Panganiban’s most iconic roles on the big screen!

Is there any movie role Angelica Panganiban can’t make iconic? Our answer: just take a look at her filmography!  

From winning awards as a child star to showing her versatility as a seasoned actress, Angelica has proven time and time again that the entertainment industry is where she belongs. Whether a role requires a more deliberate take on heavy drama or a generous serving of comic relief, Angelica knows exactly when and how to deliver.  

Join us as we look back on Angelica’s most memorable roles in this special compilation: 

Anne in “The Unmarried Wife” (2016) 

Angelica’s take on a woman scorned in this film about illicit affairs and hard decisions is as heart-wrenching as it gets. Watch how she deals with her husband’s (Dingdong Dantes) infidelity and develop romance with a mystery man named Bryan (Paulo Avelino) in the Supercut below: 

Jacqueline in “One More Try” (2012) 

Anyone can stage a catfight, but only an artist like Angelica can do so in a way that will completely reel you in. What more when it’s fellow veteran actress Angel Locsin who acts as her rival in the scene? See for yourself in this Supercut: 

Mace in “That Thing Called Tadhana” (2015) 

Partnered with JM de Guzman in this movie about moving on and mending broken hearts, Angelica shines as the highly relatable Mace who’s willing to do whatever it takes to recover from a failed romance, even if that means travelling spontaneously with a man she meets at an airport. Watch the trailer below: 

Cindy in “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes” (2018) 

Full of charm and wit, Angelica plays the other Mrs. Reyes next to Judy Ann Santos’ Mrs. Reyes, who both are faithful wives to their respective partners (JC de Vera, Joross Gamboa). You’re definitely in on a wildly unforgettable ride as the two Mrs. Reyes face the reality that their husbands are in a secret relationship with each other. Find out more in this Supercut: 

Oprah in “Bulong” (2011) 

In this comedy-horror film, Angelica showed that her acting chops are not just for drama and romance. Even though this was her first team-up with Vhong Navarro, their delightful chemistry made it seem like they have been working on films like this for years! The following Supercut will give you lots of laughter and lessons on love: 

Majoy in “Every Breath U Take” (2012) 

Whenever Angelica plays a hopeless romantic woman on the big screen, it always turns out to be a believable character you can empathize with if not totally relate too. After Majoy accidentally meets playboy Leo (Piolo Pascual) on Valentine’s Day, they kick off a crazy journey full of contradictions, new discoveries, and of course, romance, as seen in the Supercut below: 

Karyn in “A Love Story” (2007) 

Ever wonder what it feels like to be sharing the heart of the man you love? Angelica’s role as Karyn will surely take you there. In the film, Karyn is a flight attendant who is willing to do anything to keep Ian (Aga Muhlach) even if it means swallowing her pride and begging Joanna (Maricel Soriano) to leave him alone. Get ready for all the feels from the following Supercut: 

Lizelle in “I Love You, Goodbye” (2009) 

As Lizelle, a woman who came from poverty and struggles to find acceptance in the wealthy world of her partner (Gabby Concepcion), Angelica elicits enough empathy from viewers to make her likable. However, the nuances of her character come to life when Lizelle enters an affair with a charming photographer (Derek Ramsay). Watch Lizelle’s romances unfold in the Supercut below: 

Watch more of Angelica’s iconic roles here: 

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