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FULL MOVIE: Coco and Angeline’s complicated romance in ‘Born To Love You’

Joey (Angeline Quinto) and Rex (Coco Martin) find love in each other despite the struggles they face in each of their own families

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/30/2022 in Movies

If the person you love leaves without an official goodbye, would you be gracious to take him back? 

This was the dilemma Joey (Angeline Quinto) had to face when she crossed paths again with her boyfriend, Rex (Coco Martin), who vanished out of nowhere and left her with a broken heart. 

With the way their love story began, you would not have guessed that these two would fall in love in the first place. Joey, who works as a part-time tour guide and singer to help sustain her poor family, grew a dislike towards Rex, a hot-tempered photographer who has his own family issues. 

As they got to spend more time with each other, their initial hostility gradually turned into a romantic bond. They discovered how much they have in common: Joey dreams of meeting her biological father who abandoned her when she was young while Rex struggles to forgive his mother for leaving him. 

Even though Joey is willing to see through the hardships with him, Rex is the one who tried to cut her off. 

Find out what becomes of Joey and Rex’s story of love, forgiveness, and acceptance by streaming “Born To Love You” for FREE on Star Cinema’s official YouTube channel! 

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