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Maymay Entrata sets sail as ‘Captain Kabogera’ in SLAY cover

SLAY cover girl Maymay is an absolute stunner as she enters her “Kabog ERA”!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/30/2022 in News
Maymay Entrata sets sail as ‘Captain Kabogera’ in SLAY cover

Ready, set, sail! Maymay Entrata is hailed as “Captain Kabogera” on the newest cover of SLAY, the four-part digital video magazine of Star Magic. 

On Tuesday, September 27, Star Magic released a teaser photo featuring the “Princess DayaReese” star and her cover story of “letting go of the past and navigating her own path” in SLAY’s latest volume. 

Maymay, who made her breakthrough film debut in the 2017 romantic-comedy “Loving in Tandem”, sported a blue eyelet bikini and a neon green cover-up for the nautical-themed shoot.  

“O Captain! Maymay Captain! Slay Cover Girl Maymay Entrata is CAPTAIN KABOGERA! And she has set sail for the Kabog-ERA!” the caption read in reference to her 2021 hit single “Amakabogera”. 

Star Magic also revealed that Maymay’s “new journey” will be revealed further in the world premiere of Part One of SLAY’s Volume 2 exclusively on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s official YouTube Channel. 

Check out SLAY’s shots of Maymay below: 

The “Hello, Love, Goodbye” actress is the second artist to grace SLAY’s cover after “Four Sisters before the Wedding” star Alexa Ilacad was featured as a “goddess reborn” in the magazine last April.  

Watch the teaser of SLAY’s Volume 2 below: 

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