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7 of Judy Ann’s most iconic movie roles!

“Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo”, “Don't Give Up on Us” + more films that would make anyone a certified Juday fan!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/30/2022 in News
7 of Judy Ann’s most iconic movie roles!

At the risk of stating the obvious, Judy Ann Santos is showbiz royalty, and rightfully so.  

Juday, as she is fondly called in the industry, has been dubbed as the “Queen of Pinoy Soap Opera” and, if you ask us, that is simply never going to change. Not only did Judy Ann make her mark on the small screen, she has also earned numerous accolades for her master performances in comedy, romance, and drama films. From her unforgettable “gigil” moments as a comedy star to her hard-hitting takes on vulnerable characters, Juday has carved out her place in every genre possible. 

In honor of Judy Ann’s unmatched artistry and work ethic, we present to you some of her most memorable roles on the big screen: 

Cecile in "Paano ang Puso Ko?" (1997) 

Love triangles are not the easiest to navigate, especially when cousins are involved. When Judy Ann’s character, Cecile, gets caught between her childhood friend Ruben (Wowie de Guzman) and his cousin Jason (Rico Yan), the intense confusion and heartbreak she had to face comes across as realistic as ever. 

Anna in "Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay" (1998) 

In this 1998 romance film helmed by Rory B. Quintos, we get to see another side to Judy Ann’s chemistry with the late Rico Yan. Judy Ann plays Anna, an advertising secretary who works as her family’s breadwinner, while Rico’s role is Alex, a businessman whose goal is to open up restaurants. Watch how their romance gets challenged by Anna’s family in the Supercut below: 

Joey in "Isusumbong Kita sa Tatay Ko" (1999) 

As Judy Ann branched out of her romance roles, she showed her impressive comedic stylings in the 1999 box-office hit "Isusumbong Kita sa Tatay Ko” alongside Fernando Poe Jr., who was named "Da King" of action films! This Supercut will give a preview of their epic father-and-daughter tandem as Joey (Judy Ann) and Badong (FPJ): 

Joanna in “Till There Was You” (2003) 

If you take a screen darling like Judy Ann and a certified heartthrob like Piolo and put them in one movie, expect that film to be packed with all the feels!  

What started as a random bus encounter between a young woman named Joanna (Juday) and a single father named Albert (Pascual), with his baby, Pippa, carried over to a life-changing plot twist years later.  

Abby in “Don't Give Up on Us” (2006) 

Another Piolo-Juday-starrer that will renew your belief in the power of love is this 2006 romantic-comedy set in Baguio. Judy Ann takes on the character of Abby, an overbearing professional who meets Vince (Piolo), a musician with a much more laidback lifestyle. Take a sneak peek at their fortuitous love story in the mountains below: 

Angie in “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” (2006) and “Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo” (2007) 

For her performance as Angie in this 2006 box-office hit, Judy Ann won Best Actress awards left and right! What makes this movie even more special is that she starred alongside her real-life partner, Ryan Agoncillo, who played her character’s husband, Jed. 

Angie and Jed may be complete opposites but watching their marriage— imperfect as it is— unfold on the big screen brings the utmost kilig: 

Lianne in “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes” (2018) 

Judy Ann definitely slayed in her role as Lianne Reyes, the one of two wives who got cheated on by their husbands in this film. Joining forces with Angelica Panganiban, who plays the other Mrs. Reyes, Judy Ann gave off the ultimate “gigil” reactions to the unfaithfulness of their partners, Gary (Joross Gamboa) and Felix (JC de Vera). 

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