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8 kilig moments of KimXi in ‘Bride for Rent’

There’s no shortage of kulitan moments and kissing scenes in this 2014 rom-com directed by Mae Czarina Cruz!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/29/2022 in News
8 kilig moments of KimXi in ‘Bride for Rent’

It’s always a treat to see real-life couple Kim Chiu and Xian Lim play lovers on the big screen, and what makes it even more special is how we see their characters develop feelings for each other from scratch! 

What started out as a contractual romance between Rocky (Kim) and Rocco (Xian) gradually became something real. When he hired Rocky as his fake bride, Rocco did not plan for their time together to be as sweet and enlightening as it turned out to be. And while Rocco’s true feelings may have come as a surprise to Rocky in the end, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t see it coming!  

Take a look at Rocky and Rocco’s adorable moments below to see how natural their chemistry came across! 

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1. When Rocky kissed Rocco at their wedding! 

2. When Rocco tried to “woo” Rocky after poking fun at her! 

3. When Rocky imagined being kissed by Rocco! 

4. When Rocco tried to catch Rocky off-guard with a kiss! 

5. When Rocco celebrated his success with Rocky! 

6. When Rocco cooked breakfast for Rocco! 

7. When Rocco and Rocco got into a pillow fight! 

8. When Rocco nearly kissed Rocky while she’s sleeping! 

More kilig-inducing KimXi moments await you in the FULL MOVIE below: 

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