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‘Excited to meet you Ayef and Manny!’: Netizens react to character names reveal of ‘An Inconvenient Love’

Do you think Ayef (Belle Mariano) and Manny (Donny Pangilinan) will get a happy ending? Find out what these netizens think!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/28/2022 in News
‘Excited to meet you Ayef and Manny!’: Netizens react to character names reveal of ‘An Inconvenient Love’

Fans of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have nothing but love and excitement for the love team’s characters in the upcoming film “An Inconvenient Love”! 

Following the character reveal yesterday, September 27, netizens stormed Twitter with their thrilled reactions and curious speculations about Manny (Donny) and Ayef (Belle), the stars of the newest romance flick by Petersen Vargas coming to theaters this November. 

“I love the synopsis!!!!! Super excited for this movie!” 



“Excited na po akong masaktan” 



“Excited to meet you, Ayef & Manny.” 




“Ohhh, getting more excited! What will be the result of their convenient love?!🤔” 







The announcement of Ayef and Manny’s character profiles also came with the official movie synopsis drop, which many fans delved into! 

“ANG GANDA NG STORYLINEEE!!!! The issues it tackles 😭😭 Manny's brother Dobs, has ASD (if u're familiar wt Kdrama "Extraordinary Young Woo" then u know) and then there's him being a social activist. Moreover, it tells the reality of every student hustlers thru Ayef! 🥰” 



“Yung story line parang same sa movie ng Hello,Goodbye and Everything in between, na may timeline lang ang love nila kasi aalis din yung girl Hehe skl” 



“Love the sprinkles of info about  #AILNov23 that the promo fairies are dusting us.Can’t wait for the teaser - just to have a taste of their characters’ personalities & nuisances & how it will play out sa realities nila.Sana mapanood namin sa Canada! #AyefAndManny #DonBelle24Ever” 


“i’m so curious about ayef offering fling relationship to manny when she said she has no time for that? what did u do this time manny boy?” 




“iiyak naman tayo kasi aalis si ayef in a month for singapore huhuhu would manny beg her to stay? abangan... but YES DONNY AND BELLE BEST ACTORS FOR THIS MOVIE I'M SURE!!!” 



The names and backgrounds of DonBelle’s characters also drew the attention of the following netizens: 

“Can'wait🥺 I wan't to know the story behind the names tho” 


“Ayef is oddly interesting name. Love it! My anticipation grew with the short description they gave. Ayef being goal-driven & no time for love. Manny being up for a temporary relationship. Both believe that love is an inconvenience,” 




“pls i really love the character of ayef as a aspiring internation animator and manny as a businessman and a secret activist. yes, we love working hard character here” 



Some fans even went as far as to think of the movie’s ending scenes! Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that everyone is absolutely pumped to see what would become of Ayef and Manny’s love story on the big screen! 

“I know sobrang cliché but please give us THE airport scene. ‘Yung tipong tinatawag na sa boarding si Ayef tapos stuck si Manny sa traffic. HAHAHA! I’m such a sucker for this trope.😭😭😭” 



“hmmmm parang mabigat ang ending ha?!?🤔🤔” 



Ayef and Manny!!! I can’t wait to witness your journey! Wahhh the visual, the storyline, the characters, the soundtrack ✨🫶🏼😭😭😭 



"An Inconvenient Love", which is set to premiere on November 23, will serve as Star Cinema’s much-awaited return to cinemas. 

Written by Enrico Santos and Daisy Cayanan, the film marks DonBelle’s second full-length film following the 2021 romantic-comedy “Love is Color Blind”. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Star Cinema’s official social media accounts! 

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