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FULL MOVIE: Aga and Kristine love on borrowed time in ‘All My Life’

Sam (Aga Muhlach) doesn’t have the luxury of time in loving Louie (Kristine Hermosa) forever.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/27/2022 in Videos

What started as a cruise connection turned into a lifelong love for Sam (Aga Muhlach) and Louie (Kristine Hermosa). 

Sam and Louie may be complete opposites personality-wise, but after meeting onboard the Star Cruise, they become friends and slowly grow a liking to each other. Louie is drawn to Sam’s carefree attitude towards life while Sam helps high-strung Louie see the beauty and fun of life. Romance naturally develops between them.  

But once they get back to Manila, life proves to be more complicated than the bond they’ve shared on the cruise. Louie is forced to deal with the hurt her ex-fiancé caused her. Meanwhile, Sam has to keep on living with a heart disease that makes him think he couldn’t possibly have a relationship with Louie. 

Despite these complications, they still choose to love each other. How far can their love go? Is it enough to last all their lives? 

Directed by Laurenti M. Dyogi, “All My Life” is now available to stream for FREE on Star Cinema’s official YouTube channel! 

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