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5 of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson’s kilig moments in ‘I’ve Fallen For You’

Sparks definitely flew between Alex Boy (Gerald) and Alex Girl (Kim) in these scenes!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/27/2022 in News
5 of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson’s kilig moments in ‘I’ve Fallen For You’

It’s been fifteen years since Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson teamed up for their first solo movie “I’ve Fallen For You” and made us fall even harder for their love team! 

Directed by Lino Cayetano, the film revolves around the contrasting lives of two young people both named “Alex Reyes” played by Kim and Gerald. While Alex Boy has a more carefree attitude towards life, Alex Girl is more diligent with her responsibilities. As they work together to win a cycling contest, Alex Boy and Alex Girl find comfort and love in each other’s company. 

As we celebrate the film’s 15th anniversary, join us as we revisit some of Kimerald’s cutest scenes as Alex Boy and Alex Girl below: 

1. Their first encounter in a cosplay expo! 

What makes the meet cute of Alex Boy and Alex Girl even cuter is that they were dressed as anime characters Sasuke and Sakura from “Naruto”! Take a look at their fun costumes below: 

2. Their first training for the tandem cycling competition! 

Alex Boy totally caught Alex Girl (and us!) off guard when he asked her if she has a boyfriend. Even though Alex Girl was quick to deflect, you can tell Alex Boy was pretty persistent! 

3. That moment when Alex Boy serenaded Alex Girl! 

After getting into a misunderstanding, Alex Boy was willing to do whatever it takes to mend things with Alex Girl, even if that meant singing to her in a crowded arcade. 

4. That moment when they were browsing Alex Girl’s family photos! 

Not only did Alex Boy partake in Alex Girl’s family dinner, he also bonded with her by looking at her family’s photo albums. If that isn’t one way to win a girl’s heart, we don’t know what is! 

5. That moment when they made their relationship official! 

As they decide to enter a long-distance relationship, Alex Boy assures Alex Girl that the distance is just temporary and that their love will find its perfect timing one day. Aww! 

Watch a bite-sized version of “I’ve Fallen For You” in the Supercut below: 

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