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CHARACTER NAMES REVEALED: Meet Donny’s and Belle’s characters in ‘An Inconvenient Love’!

Ayef (Belle) and Manny (Donny) have agreed on one thing: a convenient kind of love.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/27/2022 in News
CHARACTER NAMES REVEALED: Meet Donny’s and Belle’s characters in ‘An Inconvenient Love’!  

After we’ve seen the initial behind-the-scenes photos of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano as they shoot their upcoming romance movie “An Inconvenient Love”, it’s about time we learn more about who they are and the stories they are about to tell! 


On Sep 27, Star Cinema releases the official movie synopsis for the DonBelle full-length feature, along with a character reveal for the leads.  


Now what would this upcoming romance movie be all about? Here’s the official synopsis from the creators of the movie: 


Love doesn’t always come in convenient packages.  


Convenience store staff AYEF (Belle Mariano) dreams of becoming an international animator someday. Focused on her dream, she has no time for love until she meets MANNY (Donny Pangilinan), a young man who is up for anything, even contractual flings. Both believing that love is just another inconvenience, they agree to a convenient relationship that will expire on the month Ayef is set to leave for Singapore. As her departure date nears, will Ayef and Manny end their contractual love or will love end their inconvenient beliefs? 



We all can’t help but feel extremely excited for this latest big screen team-up! Donny and Belle are set to play Manny and Ayef (which is pronounced as “ey-ef”) respectively- two young people who believe that love is just another inconvenience.


And if you are itching to know more about Manny and Ayef, the movie producers have given us a sneak peek at their characters. Both hardworking, passionate, and only available for a love that’s “convenient”, Manny and Ayef make just the kind of pair that we can’t help but root for. Read on to know more about them!





Ayef is a graduating student and aspiring international animator who works part-time at a convenience store named 24-Ever. One thing we have to remember about her: she takes her goals seriously.  


As a means to escape the sad realities of her life, Ayef’s main priority is to land an internship in a prestigious animation company in Singapore. To achieve her dream, Ayef is determined to make no room for inconveniences, especially the biggest inconvenience of all: love.


Things go according to Ayef’s plan… until she meets Manny.





Manny is the 22-year-old owner of HalaManny, a boutique plant shop near 24-Ever. He is a businessman by day and a secret social activist by night, fighting alongside the workers of Siena Corp, a company his father owns. 


Out of all Manny’s responsibilities, there’s nothing more important to him in this world than his brother, Dobs, who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Manny has taken it upon himself to be the “glue” that holds his dysfunctional family together. 


When Manny meets Ayef, he easily says yes to her offer of a contractual fling. Why wouldn’t he when he’s living proof of someone victimized by the inconvenience of love? 



If only we can now know what becomes of Manny and Ayef’s “convenient” connection! Will they make good on their word or make room for what seems more inconvenient? After these character and synopsis drops, we sure can’t wait to flock to the movie theaters to watch Ayef and Manny’s love story unfold!


"An Inconvenient Love", which is set to premiere on November 23 of this year, marks Star Cinema’s highly anticipated return to theaters. 


Directed by Petersen Vargas and written by Enrico Santos and Daisy Cayanan, the film marks DonBelle’s second full-length film following the 2021 romantic-comedy “Love is Color Blind”. 


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