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Kim Chiu reacts to being dubbed as the ‘Horror Princess’

“U-Turn”, “D.O.T.G.A.”, “The Ghost Bride”, and “The Healing” were just some of Kim Chiu’s horror movies.

Elisha Marie Blando
Elisha Marie Blando

9/23/2022 in Videos

After starring in a number of horror films including “U-Turn”, “D.O.T.G.A. Da One That Ghost Away”, “The Ghost Bride”, and “The Healing”, Kim Chiu is dubbed as the “Horror Princess”.  

During the press conference for the 2018 horror-comedy film, “D.O.T.G.A. Da One That Ghost Away”, Kim Chiu jokingly told the press that she’ll wholeheartedly accept the title since no one else is claiming it. Here, she shared that she enjoyed having to do a fusion of horror and comedy in one film. Plus she also mentioned that “Horror Queen” Kris Aquino was happy Kim was part of D.O.T.G.A. as it suits her as an actress. Know more about “D.O.T.G.A.” from Kim Chiu herself in the video above! 

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