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7 of Coco Martin’s most iconic movie roles!

“You're My Boss”, “A Moment in Time”, + more movies that would not be the same without Coco!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/23/2022 in News
7 of Coco Martin’s most iconic movie roles!

Among the many things Coco Martin knows how to do on-screen, our most favorite would be the way he makes us swoon with his darling demeanor and laugh with his hilarious antics. 

Take one look at the filmography of the seasoned actor-director and you can already get a glimpse of how versatile he is. Crushable leading man? Comedic partner? Drama star? Coco just fits the bill!  

As Coco gears up to star alongside Jodi Sta. Maria in the upcoming romance flick “Labyu with an Accent”, one of Star Cinema’s MMFF entries this 2022, join us as we revisit the heartthrob’s unforgettable portrayals on the big screen! 

Rex in “Born To Love You” (2012) 

Coco took the bitterness and resentful nature of his character, Rex, and turned it into a valuable lesson viewers can take with them. When Rex is forced to confront his own issues in the process of loving Joey (Angeline Quinto), it’s both heartbreaking and refreshing to watch! 

Patrick in “A Moment in Time” (2013) 

The CocoJul magic is strong with this one! Starring alongside Julia Montes, Coco breathed life into his character Patrick, a passionate painter who gets smitten at first sight with violinist Jillian (Julia). 

Tonio in “Maybe This Time” (2014) 

In a film about the bittersweet realities of an “almost” relationship, Coco made it difficult for us to dislike his character Tonio even though he ghosted Steph (Sarah Geronimo) and left her with a shattered heart! 

Pong in “You're My Boss” (2015) 

There’s no shortage of LOL moments and kilig feels from this movie about an airline executive, Georgina (Toni Gonzaga), who is forced to switch roles with her assistant Pong (Coco) in a desperate attempt to close a much-coveted deal. 

Emman in “Beauty and the Bestie” (2015) 

Coco went full speed with his comedic skills as he teamed up with Vice Ganda in this action-comedy flick! Not only did he make us laugh our hearts out, he also charmed us with his most pogi moments. 

Paco in “The Super Parental Guardians” (2016) 

You know who can take a family comedy film and turn it into an action-packed adventure you wouldn’t want to miss? Coco, that’s who! Tag along Arci (Vice Ganda) and Paco’s (Coco) journey as they partner to become the new “Momshie” and “Popshie” of two kids! 

Leon in “Love Or Money” (2021) 

Set on her ambitions, Angel (Angelica Panganiban) has decided that she would only choose to date a man who is rich and stable. Here’s where things get complicated: Coco makes his character Leon so irresistible that even Angel falls in love with him, which is far from what she initially planned for herself. 

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