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FULL MOVIE: Angelica, Assunta, and Angeline face insecurities in ‘Beauty in a Bottle’

Can three women find the answer to their insecurities in a life-changing beauty pill?

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/22/2022 in Videos

In a perfect world, no woman would ever have to deal with insecurities. But in real life, women constantly battle with unrealistic standards and toxic opinion that make them doubt their own magic. 

In this 2014 comedy film by Antoinette Jadaone, there are three women that represent the different insecurities many people face on a regular basis: Judith (Angeline Quinto), whose self-doubt is reinforced even by her own family; Vilma (Assunta De Rossi), who is forced to conform with the “youthful” beauty criteria of the world; and Estelle (Angelica Panganiban), who would ideally feel more confident if not for her weight. 

The paths of these three women cross when Vilma's advertising agency markets a transformative beauty product called "Beauty in a Bottle". Once they find out what the bottle really holds, it’s up to Judith, Vilma, and Estelle how their lives and perspectives on beauty would be changed by it. 

You can now stream “Beauty in a Bottle” for FREE on Star Cinema’s official YouTube channel! 

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