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4 of Maris Racal’s movie roles that top our favorites list!

“Bloody Crayons”, “Block Z” + more films that capture Maris’ multi-layered acting chops!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/22/2022 in News
4 of Maris Racal’s movie roles that top our favorites list!

Maris Racal cannot be boxed in just one film genre. Romance, comedy, horror, action—she can do it all! 

At 25 years old, the young actress has shown much versatility on the big screen that takes us to the edge of our seats every time. From her role as med student Erika in the 2020 zombie thriller “Block Z” to her take on a kalog yet crushable dancer Nancy in the coming-of-age film “Boyette: Not a Girl Yet”, Maris has imbibed every character she’s been tasked to play with her own unique twist and artist’s touch! 

Scroll through some of Maris’ memorable movie roles below: 

Maxine in “Vince and Kath and James” 

School girl vibes at its finest! Maris as Maxine, the best friend of Kath (Julia Barretto), really took us back to our university days and reminded us of our ever-supportive buddies that got us through college. Always equipped with a listening ear and the spirit of a cheerleader, Maxine brought big bestie energy in this film: 

Richalaine in “Bloody Crayons” 

The innocent game-turned-killing spree that is “Bloody Crayons” was made, in a number of scenes, lighter by the presence of outgoing and kikay girl Richalaine (Maris). Spoiler alert: she may not have survived their haunted stay on that island, but her death remains one of the most iconic moments in this barkada thriller! 

Erika in “Block Z” 

As much as we love seeing the bubbly best friend portrayal in movies, Maris introduced a refreshing character that is not afraid to show her vulnerable side. The selfless act done by Erika (Maris), the best friend of PJ (Julia Barretto), in order to save her friends will always live rent-free in our heads. 


Nancy in “Boyette: Not a Girl Yet” 

Just by the way she lit up the scenes in this film, we can tell that Maris had the most fun in playing the effervescent and wide-eyed Nancy. Even though it’s obvious that her character has taken a liking to Boyette, a gay teen who’s covering up his authentic self, Maris still managed to simultaneously build romantic chemistry with Charles (Iñigo Pascual). Take a sneak peek at their love triangle below: 

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