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5 of Jericho Rosales’ unforgettable scenes on the big screen!

A certified top leading man, Jericho has shown such emotional depth in every character he’s played on film!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/22/2022 in News
5 of Jericho Rosales’ unforgettable scenes on the big screen!

The charm of Jericho Rosales goes beyond his flawlessly chiseled face and irresistible dimpled smile. Echo, as he is famously called, has immortalized his big-screen characters with his finessed acting prowess. 

Earning the title of “Asian Drama King”, Echo fully embodied his characters’ unique traits and personal journeys in ways that made an indelible mark in the viewer’s experience. Versatile as he is, Echo has cemented his place in Philippine cinema through his performances in the 2000 family drama “Tanging Yaman”, the 2003 romance classic “Ngayong Nandito Ka”, and more! 

Watch some of his most memorable movie roles below: 

“Tanging Yaman” (2000) 

Rommel (Jericho) struggles to pursue his own dreams because his father Art (Edu Manzano) wants him to become a doctor. Ultimately, Rommel couldn’t suppress his frustrations anymore and confronts his dad as seen in one of the final scenes in this Supercut: 

“Forevermore” (2002) 

When the film world gave us the gift of EchoTin’s tandem, we were forever grateful! First showing up as an indifferent grandson, Anton (Jericho) eventually grew on us, and Marian (Kristine Hermosa), with his sweet side. Check out the scenes where he woos Marian in the Supercut below: 

“Ngayong Nandito Ka” (2003) 

There are many kilig-worthy and heartbreaking moments between Jericho and Kristine in this EchoTin-starrer, but the scene that really shattered our hearts is Rocky’s (Jericho) emotional confrontation with his father as seen in this Supercut: 

“Nasaan Ka Man” (2005) 

If you’re looking for a romantic moment that will leave butterflies in your stomach after watching it, Joven’s (Jericho) slo-mo kissing scene with Pilar (Claudine Barretto) in this 2005 romantic-drama will definitely give you all the feels: 

“I’ll Be There” (2010) 

Not only can Jericho bring us to tears with his portrayals of a disheartened son or a romantic partner, he also made us remember him as a flawed yet loving father figure. As Tommy, he shared a heartwarming scene with Maxi (KC Concepcion) about his 7-year-old son Pio (Bugoy Cariño) in this 2010 drama. Check out the Supercut below: 

Watch more of Jericho’s Mr. Pogi moments in the following clip: 

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