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FULL MOVIE: Vice Ganda and Coco Martin’s quirky friendship in ‘Beauty and the Bestie’

James Reid and Nadine Lustre also star in this adventurous and comical film!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/21/2022 in Videos

What’s a better way to rekindle a friendship than to team up for a high-profile secret mission? 

In this 2015 action-comedy movie directed by Wenn V. Deramas, Coco Martin plays Emman, an undercover agent whose taskforce gets assigned to solve an abduction case in a beauty pageant. While they search for the missing Ms. Uzeklovakia who was taken by terrorists, Emman seeks the help of his ex-best friend Erika (Vice Ganda). It just so happens that Erika looks exactly like the real Ms. Uzeklovakia! 

In an effort to help Emman and his team, Erika acts like a beauty queen in the place of Ms. Uzeklovakia. While Emman and Erika encounter unexpected twists in their friendship and the mission itself, their respective siblings, Tristan (James Reid) and Abi (Nadine Lustre), develop romantic feelings for each other. 

What will become of Emman and Erika’s friendship as they try to succeed in this mission? You can now stream “Beauty and the Bestie” for FREE on Star Cinema’s official YouTube channel! 

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