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WATCH: Iñigo Pascual unknowingly breaks Zaijan Jaranilla’s heart in ‘Boyette’

Boyette (Zaijan) wasn’t expecting Charles (Iñigo) to open up about his feelings for Nancy (Maris Racal)!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/20/2022 in Videos

Young love, as thrilling as it is, can lead to intense heartbreak when it’s unrequited. 

It’s tough as it is for Boyette (Zaijan Jaranilla) to cover up his authentic self in order to pursue his passion for dancing. Imagine how complicated his situation becomes when he discovers that the guy he likes, Charles (Iñigo Pascual), does not see him as more than a best friend. Instead, Charles has his eyes set on Nancy (Maris Racal) who, in a quirky turn of events, happens to have a crush on Boyette! Talk about a love triangle! 

Watch the clip above to see how Boyette, Charles, and Nancy got caught in a series of awkward situations during an out-of-town trip! 

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