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6 Star Cinema characters with the most supportive BFFs after a breakup!

Which of the following movie best friends would you want to have by your side post-breakup? Our answer: all of them!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/2/2022 in News
6 Star Cinema characters with the most supportive BFFs after a breakup!

Moving on from a breakup takes more than just having a good cry and getting a brand new hairdo (these do help though, we’re not gonna lie). More importantly, choosing a quality support system is key to healing from heartbreak.  

If you’re dealing with your own failed romance or just love watching a good friendship dynamic on the big screen, the following movie BFFs from Star Cinema films will surely warm your hearts by showing what unconditional love and support means. Check out the full compilation below: 

Popoy and Basha with The Thursday Barkada in “One More Chance” (2007) 

When you have not just one friend but a whole barkada lifting you up through a devastating time, then it’s time to start counting your blessings! Since Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo) had a shared friendship circle, it was a little tricky to navigate through each of their own baggage during the breakup. Nonetheless, the Thursday Barkada, including Krizzy (Dimples Romana), James Blanco (Kenneth), Chinno (Janus Del Prado), JP (Ahron Villena) and Anj (Beatriz Saw), helped both parties come out of the split in one piece as best as they could. 

George with Awee and Mikko in “The Hows of Us” (2018) 

The abrupt end of her seven-year relationship with boyfriend Primo (Daniel Padilla) settled heavily on George (Kathryn Bernardo). It’s a good thing that George’s best friends Awee (Ria Atayde) and Mikko (Juan Miguel Severo) stayed by her side when the one person whom she thought was never going to leave her just did. 

Even before the breakup, they were also the kind of friends who pushed George to prioritize herself instead of always catering to Primo’s needs. Check out the clip below to see a glimpse of their supportive friendship: 

Irene with Peachy in “My Amnesia Girl” (2010) 

Traumatizing as it was for Irene (Toni Gonzaga) to be left at the altar by her husband-to-be Glen (John Lloyd), she was able to move forward and establish a photography business with the help of her best friend Peachy (Bea Saw). When the ex-partners cross paths again years after the messy split, Peachy rides along with all of Irene’s antics while offering nuggets of wisdom along the way! 

Laida with Zoila, John Rae, and Vincent in “It Takes a Man and a Woman” (2016) 

After their breakup in the film “A Very Special Love”, Laida (Sarah Geronimo) and Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz) meet again in this 2016 sequel.  

Laida, who came back in Miggy’s radar with a vengeance, also reconnects with her former work friends Zoila (Matet de Leon), John Rae (Joross Gamboa) and Vincent (Gio Alvarez). Despite the changes in Laida’s attitude after Miggy broke her heart, her friends still care for her and can see right through her “pa-strong” facade.  

Ginny with Wella in “Starting Over Again” (2014) 

Hurts to see your ex happy with someone else? Get yourself a Wella (Beauty Gonzalez) who would ugly cry beside you, listen to your rants, and drink the blues away with you as you both wallow in misery. Even though she let Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) cry her heart out, Wella also kept it real with her BFF by dishing out the truth bombs. 

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