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'Boys After Dark' EP 3 recap: All about embarrassing moments and deepest life regrets

From joining showbiz to wishing they finished their studies, Markus, Anthony, Jae, Gello, and Aljon reveal their biggest regrets in life

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/19/2022 in News
'Boys After Dark' EP 3 recap: All about embarrassing moments and deepest life regrets

We've seen the boys get naughty and unfiltered in the past episodes of "Boys After Dark", but, today, we're seeing a different side of them that we haven't seen before!

In the latest episode of the video podcast, Markus Paterson, Anthony Jennings, Jae Miranda, Gello Marquez, and Aljon Mendoza tackled their most WTF (What the F*ck) moments and deepest life regrets that made them feel bad or embarrassed for doing them.  

For their WTF moments, the boys recalled the time they had embarrassing instances at work, such as when Gello failed to keep up during a production number, while Anthony entered a wrong taping location. Jae, on the other hand, admitted feeling embarrassed for opening up the topic of threesome with his girlfriend. 

In the middle of their discussion, their fellow RISE artist, Shanaia Gomez, joined them through a video call and gave her two cents on the topic about things one shouldn't bring up on the first date. 

As for the singer-actress, it's a big no-no for her date to discuss his exes and point out her insecurities on the first date.  

"Iba talaga mga babae 'no. 'Yung mga 'di natin naiisip, naiisip nila. Kaya ang galing niyo, eh," he jokingly told Shanaia. 

While the episode started out rather light, things took an emotional turn when they bared their soft spot and shared their deepest regrets in life. 

For Markus, it's when he left the beautiful life he had in the United Kingdom, especially since being an actor or singer is actually never his dream. 

"Never talaga ako nangarap maging artista, mag-aktor, mag-model, maging singer, never talaga. Wala talaga akong balak lumipat dito," Markus shared. "Everything happened so fast, so quick, tapos doon ko na-pick up lahat ng bisyo ko, lahat ng depression ko." 

"Right now if I didn't have Jude, I'd be back in the UK already, I'd be in the air force, I'd be in the ARMY. I'd be happy," he added. 

Although things may not have happened the way he wanted it to be, Markus has no regrets having his son, Jude, with actress Janella Salvador. The "Teen Clash” star considers Jude as his life's "biggest blessing". 

"At the end of the day, I want to bring it back to the fact that me and Janella are good. We're friends. We are co-parenting because obviously our priority is Jude. She’s an amazing mother and I’m trying to be an amazing father,” he said of his ex-girlfriend. 

"Jude is for sure my biggest blessing. And the fact that she's the one who gave him to me, I will never not love her. Maybe not romantically anymore but she will always be a huge part of my heart," he maintained. 

Meanwhile, Anthony revealed that his deepest regret is not finishing his studies due to personal problems and responsibilities. 

"Hindi kasi ako nag-aral talaga. High school, wala. Elementary lang," Anthony admitted. "Hindi ako marunong magsulat. Punta akong ABS [CBN] noon hindi ako marunong magsulat. Ako pa 'yung nagturo sa sarili kong magbasa. Hindi talaga ako marunong mag-aral, wala ako masyadong alam. Personal problems, personal responsibilities. Napag-aral ko naman 'yung mga kapatid ko kasi syempre, ayoko namang matulad sila sa'kin," he shared. 

To wrap up, the boys share their takeaways from the episode- all of which boil down to not dwelling in your past. 

Aljon also quoted a song by Maximillian, entitled "Beautiful Scars", about embracing what you've become: "I'm not gonna fight back what I've become. Yeah, I've got bruises where I came from but I wouldn't change if I could restart. I ain't gonna hide these beautiful scars." 

Jae, on the other hand, emphasized learning how to be easy on yourself and the decisions you've made. 

"Don't be too hard on yourself," he stressed. "Madalas sa atin, 'pag napapahiya tayo or may masamang nangyari, talagang dinidibdib at dinidibdib natin. Saka 'yung decisions natin in life, i-respect natin 'yun. Kasi at that time, feeling natin 'yun 'yung best decision natin. Kung mali man 'yun, at least natuto ka. At the end of the day, you're still trying your best," he added. 

Watch the full episode below: 

Watch the full episode below: 

New "Boys After Dark" episode drops every Saturday at 9PM on Rise Artists Studio YouTube channel so make sure you're subscribed to stay updated! 

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