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7 of MayWard’s most iconic lines in ‘Loving In Tandem’!

That moment when Luke (Edward Barber) called Shine (Maymay Entrata) his jowa! 😍

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/15/2022 in News
7 of MayWard’s most iconic lines in ‘Loving In Tandem’!

Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber left so many memorable kilig-inducing and hugot-filled lines on their first big screen project “Loving In Tandem”, a romantic-comedy directed by Giselle Andres! 

As friends-to-lovers Shine and Luke, Maymay and Edward took their characters’ cultural differences to their advantage. From their adorable punchlines to heart-to-heart conversations, Shine and Luke showed that their language barrier is not a total hindrance to love. And as they form a romantic bond with each other, the two also take a deeper look into their respective roles in their families. 

Revisit some of Shine and Luke’s quotable quotes from “Loving In Tandem” below: 

Luke: “From now on, no one touches Shine! She’s my jowa!” 

Shine: “Ang nagmamahal, nagkakamali. Pero hindi porket nagkamali, hindi na marunong masaktan.” 

Shine: “May nagkakagustuhan na ba? May gusto na ba kayo? I mean, coffee, tea or me?” 

Luke: “Alam kong agahan mo. Longganisa. Maraming bawang. Mabuti na lang, love ko ang bawang.” 

Shine: “Hindi napipili ang pamilya. Sila ang pamilya mo. That’s why you’re home. That’s why this is your home.” 

Luke: “Filipinos have the most beautiful smiles. They don’t give up easily, and they do not give up on you. They make you believe in the goodness of other people and then yourself.” 

Shine: “Paano ‘pag hindi na nila ako mamahalin dahil hindi na ako masipag? Dahil wala na akong silbi?” 

Luke: “Then that’s not love, Shine. That’s prison.” 

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