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'Boys After Dark' EP 2 recap: All about firsts and moving on

Markus explains why he doesn't believe in "The One That Got Away"

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/15/2022 in News
'Boys After Dark' EP 2 recap: All about firsts and moving on

It's all about the boys' firsts and the art of moving on in the second episode of the video podcast "Boys After Dark"! 

In the episode, Markus Paterson, Anthony Jennings, Jae Miranda, Gello Marquez, and Aljon Mendoza went unfiltered as they tackled their "firsts" in love and sex, while playing the popular game "Never Have I Ever". 

For a warm-up question, Gello asked the boys if they would ever get back with a cheater ex and the gang answered with a firm "No." Anthony then threw in a more intense question after, asking the boys if they have ever experienced making out in a cinema. 

"Hindi lang laplapan," Markus confessed, which drew amusement from the boys.  

The boys also made confessions about their sexual encounters, with three of them admitting they have previously done intimate things in the most unusual places one could think of. 

On the topic of "firsts", the boys began talking about their first loves, where they all had interesting back stories on their experiences. 

Anthony confessed that his first love was actually a poser he met on the internet. 

"Poser lang 'yung first love ko, eh. 'Di pala maganda, ang pangit pala. Seryoso 'yun. Pero bata pa naman kasi ako nun tapos wala pa naman akong idea. Never kong na-meet tapos puppy love, puppy love lang," he recalled. 

Meanwhile, Jae's first love was his best friend in high school. "Noong college na, nag-break sila [nung BF niya]. Ako 'yung abangers. Sobrang close namin na to the point na hindi ko kaya na wala siya," he shared. 

As for Markus, his first love was his first relationship that lasted for three years before they parted ways. 

“Lumipat ako dito [sa Pinas]. 'Di ko kaya ang long distance. Pagbalik ko may bago na," he revealed. "Pero carry lang kasi noong pagbalik ko, mas guwapo rin ako, eh. May bago rin ako,” he quipped. 

When it comes to moving on, the boys said they're not believers of "TOTGA" or "The One That Got Away" when it comes to people who left your life. 

"'TOTGA' is the most bullsh*t," Markus stressed. "If she got away, she wasn't the one. If she was the f*cking one, you would've fought to the ends of your capability to make her stay in your life. If you want to find happiness in your life, you have to experience different relationships, different people, different ways of life, different culture, to find out what you really want in life. It's that f*cking simple," he pressed. 

Towards the end of the video, the boys capped off the episode with their #NeverAgain realizations that they have learned in life. 

"Never again na pinagkatiwalaan mo pero in the end, wala pa rin," Gello said. "Siguro kailangan mo lang piliin kung sino yung dapat mo talagang mahalin bago mo mahalin nang sobra. Mahirap tumaya sa isang bagay na hindi ka masayadong sigurado." 

Aljon, on the other hand, says no to having regrets about the decisions he made in the past. 

"Never again na magre-regret ako sa decision ko in life. Even ‘yung mga bad experiences ko. Feeling ko worth it naman sila and kahit naman na bad experiences sila, marami naman akong napulot doon, eh. Pwede mo rin naman siya [sabihin] na 'Ah, bad experiences. So hindi ko na siya gagawin in the future.' Pero wag ka magre-regret kasi that's what makes you, you," he affirmed. 

Watch the full episode below:  

A new "Boys After Dark" episode drops every Saturday at 9PM on Rise Artists Studio YouTube channel so make sure to subscribe to stay updated! 

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