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5 amazing big screen transformations that left us floored

Their transformations are the greatest glow-ups we've seen!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/15/2022 in News
5 amazing big screen transformations that left us floored

Big screen transformations do not only happen in fantasy or superhero movies. Sometimes, it only takes a character finding their hidden beauty within themselves and embracing it for them to do a 180-degree turn. 

Here, we listed down some of the most memorable and jaw-dropping transformations in film that proved change can be a really good thing: 

1. Patchot from "Must Be...Love" 

Growing up, Patchot (Kathryn Bernardo) sees herself as someone who's not pretty. But with the help of her aunt, her hidden beauty is unleashed through a makeover that not only gives her a boost of confidence, but also captures the attention of her best friend! 

2. Sandy from "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?" 

When Sandy (Kim Chiu) was dumped by her boyfriend, she was left pondering what was wrong with her that made her so unwanted by men. It took only an epic transformation from being an ugly duckling to a lovable darling to know how much beauty she has inside and out! 

3. Macky from "My Big Love"  

Macky (Sam Milby), an overweight yet lovable chef, has initially planned to lose weight because of the woman he likes. He then hires a personal trainer who teaches him the importance of losing weight, which goes beyond just impressing a woman. With this, his weight loss journey becomes a truly worthwhile one — leaving him with the most amazing transformation! 

4. Sophia from "Just The Way You Are" 

As someone who is always seen as the nerdy girl of the campus, everyone's jaw dropped when Sophia (Liza Soberano) came to the prom all glammed up — even outshining the other attendees with her simple dress and makeup! 

5. Shine from "Loving in Tandem" 

When Shine (Maymay Entrata) was tapped to become a muse at a basketball competition, she really shined as the brightest star with her glow-up that made everyone's eyes glued to her every single moment! 

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