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FULL MOVIE: Past meets present love in 'Saan Ka Man Naroroon'

Does the heart truly remember what the mind has already forgotten?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/13/2022 in Videos

What was supposed to be a fun gold mining activity with his colleagues turned out to be the biggest nightmare for David (Richard Gomez) and his wife, Amanda (Dawn Zulueta). 

In the 1993 film "Saan Ka Man Naroroon", Amanda was left devastated when she received news that her husband had been killed after being ambushed by bandits in the mountain. Determined to find out what really happened, she went on a relentless search for her husband. 

As her pursuit finally bore fruit and the two finally meet again, a bigger problem looms in their marriage: David has actually lost his memory and has built a new life with Cita (Sharmaine Arnaiza), the woman who saved him from the ambush. Will David remember the love he once had for Amanda, or will he pursue the new life he has with Cita? 

Watch the full movie for FREE on Star Cinema's YouTube channel! Available for streaming until September 22 only! 

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