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5 of MayWard’s best moments in ‘Loving In Tandem’!

Look back on Shine (Maymay Entrata) and Luke’s (Edward Barber) most nakakakilig moments!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/13/2022 in News
5 of MayWard’s best moments in ‘Loving In Tandem’!

Five years have gone by since Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber lit up the big screen with their magical chemistry for the very first time, and it’s safe to say that the kilig factor of their debut movie still gets us every time! 

In this 2017 romantic-comedy film directed by Giselle Andres, the high-spirited and family-oriented Shine (Maymay) has her heart set on meeting the love of her life. Her prayers seem to get answered when she encounters the rebellious Filipino-American Luke (Edward Barber).  

Even though Shine and Luke are different in more ways than one, especially culturally (talk about language barrier!), they still form an undeniable bond. Could their unlikely friendship lead to romance? Scroll through their most kilig-inducing scenes below to find out the answer: 

When Luke helps Shine escape from a robber on their first encounter

It’s not the most romantic setting to meet your potential soulmate right when you're fighting to keep your belongings from a robber. Alas, Shine and Luke’s chaotic meet-cute is still too cute for words! 

When Luke announced to the whole barangay that Shine is his “jowa”

Luke, whose Tagalog skills aren’t so flawless, had no idea that he claimed Shine to be his girlfriend when he called her his “jowa”. But it was still a full-on kilig moment for Shine when she heard Luke refer to her in front of a huge crowd: “Just mine! No one else!” 

When Shine unintentionally held Luke’s hand ever-so-tightly 

The famous catchphrase “actions speak louder than words” can be seen in the scene where Shine clutched Luke’s hand as her nerves were skyrocketing. Completely stunned, Luke couldn’t help but feel the sparks fly between them! 

When Luke stole a kiss from Shine when she scraped her knee

Shine’s longganisa breath did not stop Luke from getting close and intimate (and slo-mo!) with her because it just so happens that the Fil-Am cutie is a fan of that breakfast food. It made our hearts freeze with feels when he planted a quick kiss on Shine’s cheek afterwards! 

When Luke kissed Shine on the forehead while he was comforting her 

Nothing says “I care for you” more than when Luke stayed by Shine’s side, wiped her tears away, and gave her a forehead kiss. That definitely tops our list of kilig MayWard scenes! 

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