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13 of Bea Alonzo’s most iconic movie roles!

“One More Chance”, “Four Sisters and a Wedding”, + movies that made us root for Bea Alonzo!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/12/2022 in News
13 of Bea Alonzo’s most iconic movie roles!

The world of film has given Bea Alonzo the chance to embody many faces, names, and personalities. By doing so, she has made each of these characters iconic in their own right!

From her role as the clairvoyant counselor, Pat Consolacion, in the horror flick “Eerie” to her legendary lines as Bobbie Salazar in the family film “Four Sisters and a Wedding” to her unforgettable portrayal of a heartbroken Basha Eugenio in the romantic-drama “One More Chance”, Bea has taken a fine-toothed comb to every story of the characters she’s played and colored them in with her own interpretation. As a veteran actress, Bea has never failed in giving us some of the most impactful performances on the big screen. Scroll through the list below to get a preview!

Marian in “Close To You” (2006) Marian is more than a fangirl to her musician crush Lance (Sam Milby): she’s actually head over heels for him since grade school. Her feelings coincide with those of her childhood best friend Manuel’s (Dingdong Dantes) feelings for her. Watch how Bea’s character finds love in a triangle involving two of the hottest heartthrobs:

Basha in “One More Chance” (2007) and “A Second Chance” (2015)

Basha’s love story with Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) may have gotten off to a good start but five years later, they find themselves in quite a rut. Basha’s unhappiness forces her to end things with her college sweetheart, only to realize that she could not unlove him after all.

We get to see Basha for a second time in the 2015 sequel “A Second Chance” which revolves around the couple’s marriage milestones, woes, and overall evolution. Will Basha and Popoy get through the harsh realities of life together or is another chance at love too out of reach?

Lara in “And I Love You So” (2009)

After oozing chemistry with Sam Milby in their first team-up in the film “Close To You”, Bea paired with him for the second time in this romantic-drama about loss, heartbreak, and the beautiful possibility of moving on. Also starring Derek Ramsay, “And I Love You So” will leave you in awe of Bea’s ability to convey suffering in a hopeful way.

Mia in “Miss You Like Crazy” (2010)

Love is all about choice and timing. That’s what Mia and her “will-they-won’t they” love story with Allan (John Lloyd) taught us. Even though fate seemed to never be on their side, Mia and Allan’s story has kept us on the edge of our seats wanting the happiest ending for them.

Sari in “The Mistress” (2012)

This Olivia Lamasan film is a unique display of Bea’s versatility in forming romantic chemistry with someone close to her age and a more tenured actor. As Adie, a seamstress who carries the burden of providing for her family, Bea has to choose between the affection of bachelor architect JD (John Lloyd Cruz) and his father Rico (Ronaldo Valdez).

Bobbie in “Four Sisters and a Wedding” (2013)

In an effort to paint the struggles of a middle child, Bea breathed life to Bobbie, the second of five Salazar siblings. Sharp-witted and independent, Bea revealed through her iconic lines and nuanced performance that Bobbie is a tender-hearted sister underneath her tough demeanor.

Cat in “She’s The One” (2013)

Another love triangle story we couldn’t get enough of is that of Cat (Bea), Wacky (Dingdong Dantes), and David (Enrique Gil). Bea’s charm, especially in the scene where David catches her soaking wet under the rain, is tantalizing in this film, so much so that Wacky loved her until the end.

Adie in “The Love Affair” (2015)

Not only is Bea great at shining in three-sided romances involving two men, she can also bring that same energy and skill when she is the other woman. As the mistress of Vince (Richard Gomez), Bea finds herself in a major face-off with his wife Trisha (Dawn Zulueta).

Anj in “How To Be Yours” (2016)

The ambitious Anj (Bea) has great love and affection for her boyfriend Niño (Gerald Anderson). But it takes more than love for a relationship to survive. Just like Anj, a chef who takes her career and goals seriously, Bea showed in this movie that commitment to one’s craft will always pay off.

Pat in “Eerie” (2018) If you think Bea can only show her acting prowess in romance films, then this horror movie will prove just how flexible and skillful Bea is as an actor. Bea offers complexity in her depiction of Pat, a school counselor adamant about finding out the truth behind the mysterious death of a student in a Catholic school for girls.

Ali in “First Love” (2018)

You would not have guessed that Ali (Bea) had a heart condition because of how optimistic and full of life Bea portrayed her to be. So when Nick (Aga Muhlach) meets Ali by a twist of fate, he couldn’t help but form deep feelings for her.

Lia in “Kasal” (2018) It’s a push-and-pull between Lia’s (Bea) past love and present relationship in this romantic-drama starring Paulo Avelino and Derek Ramsay. Seeing Bea’s undeniable chemistry with both leading men, it’s hard to tell which way Lia would choose to go. Is it with Cebu’s most eligible bachelor Philip (Paulo) or her ex-boyfriend Wado (Derek)?

Mariel in “Unbreakable” (2019) Together with seasoned actress Angelica Panganiban, Bea navigates the subjects of friendship, loyalty, and betrayal in this 2019 film. As best friends Mariel and Deena respectively, Angelica and Bea colored in their characters with opposite personalities. But it’s not their differences that break them apart. It’s the tragedy of a friendship tainted with disloyalty.

Watch more of Bea’s iconic scenes in this video:

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