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PHOTOS: Alexa Ilacad’s stylish outfits that are totally cop-worthy!

Alexa is totally slaying her “glam-meets-girl-next-door” style!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier
- 8/9/2022 in Photos

Alexa Ilacad is a cover girl for a reason. You will always catch the “Run To Me” star dressed in top-tier style whenever she’s performing her heart out onstage or making fans swoon with her on-screen partner KD Estrada. Alexa can even make casual wear— plaid shirt, denim shorts, and all— look effortlessly stylish. 

We can tell that the former “Pinoy Big Brother” alum is one to embrace the latest trends, but what we love most about her fashion sense is how she brings her own touch of glam to any outfit. Whether it involves accessorizing to the nines or incorporating a bright pop of color, we’re beginning to see Alexa’s signature style of glam-meets-girl-next-door.  

For extra style inspo, scroll through the photos above to see some of Alexa’s most cop-worthy looks! 

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