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Veteran actresses pay tribute to Cherie Gil upon star’s death

Celebrities took to social media to express grief over Cherie’s passing.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

8/8/2022 in News
Veteran actresses pay tribute to Cherie Gil upon star’s death

There is much to celebrate about the life of late veteran actress Cherie Gil, and her friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry have taken to social media to pay her the loveliest tributes. 

Cherie, born Evangeline Rose Gil Eigenmann and honorably dubbed as the Philippines’ “La Primera Contravida,” was confirmed by her family to have died in her sleep on August 5th “after a brave battle against cancer”. 

In mourning of Cherie’s passing, celebrities including Sharon Cuneta, Vilma Santos, Iza Calzado, Dawn Zulueta, Angel Aquino, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Dina Bonnevie, Sunshine Cruz, and Pops Fernandez reminisced their best memories and lauded the actress’ admirable qualities on their respective Instagram pages. 

Sharon Cuneta 

“I flew to New York early yesterday with a heavy heart, still forcing it to hang on to that sliver of hope of God performing a miracle & allowing you to pull through this. I am eternally grateful to Him for giving us the few hours we spent together. The love & words yet again exchanged in person. The knowledge that the friendship forged when we were very young was stronger & would only keep getting so. You told me about your tree to heaven outside of your apartment window which I didn’t get to see. We said ‘I love you’ & I said I’d see you again today & you raised both arms and gave me two thumbs up. Then barely eleven hours after I left you, I was awakened by his call saying you had passed,” Sharon recalled their last moments. 

“I leave New York now with a much heavier heart than ever before because now I am leaving YOU with the knowledge that I will NEVER see you again. I cannot process it. It seems so unfair. It will never be the same without you. I will never be the same without you. I told you that you had to fight, please, because you couldn’t leave me & that you were my partner, that there is no one like you. You said yes. But God took you home, took all your pain away,” she spoke in grief. 

“I will never get to feed you ice chips again. Or share most everything else with you. Your kids are strong & love you so much. Mike & I won’t have to keep our talks about you a secret anymore like we did while taping our show .But I don’t know how we would want to. I thank God I was with your Dad & Mom & R & all your kids to ‘see you off’ - but I am not happy. My heart is in pieces again & now I dunno how to put it back together anymore - because among the many loved ones I have lost these past few years, you were & always will be one of my most loved. A most important part of my life & my history. Of my heart,” she dedicated to Cherie. 

“I love you so very much. It is the end of an era now that you’ve left us. What will I do without you now, Love? My true screen partner, a true friend, ninang of Simone. I miss you so terribly & know it will only get worse. Be at peace in God’s loving arms, my Cheech I’ll see you again someday. I will love you with all my heart, forever. Thank you for everything,” she ended her tribute. 



Vilma Santos 

“Rest In Peace, my Friend. We Love you, Ms.Cherie. Thank you!” Vilma captioned a throwback photo of herself and the “Oro, Plata, Mata” actress. 



Iza Calzado 

Sharing a clip of herself and Cherie acting together off-screen, Iza wrote, “Cherie, this was the closest I came to working with you. A short random skit orchestrated by Noel during Cinemalaya 2018. I often dreamed about sharing energy with you on set. Learning from an icon like you. It never happened but I do have a few good memories with and of you that I will cherish in my heart.” 

“At first you may seem intimidating but, in truth, what a kind, thoughtful and generous human you were. I will always remember the long message you sent me when dad passed away and how you expressed your love and fondness for him. You kept him alive in your heart and that meant the world to me. Thank you. You are a source of inspiration for many of us because of your talent, professionalism, beauty, elegance and vibrant spirit. Larger than life, you were. You will continue to live in our hearts and minds. Rest in peace now, @macherieamour,” she wrote in the caption. 



Dawn Zulueta 

“Our dearest Cherie @macherieamour. I admired and emulated you for your great talent both in cinema and the live stage. And you were Anton’s childhood crush! How we will miss you. RIP,” the “Love Me Tomorrow” star told the late actress. 



A post shared by Dawn Zulueta (@dawnzulueta)


Angel Aquino 

“My Cherie amour. She who taught me to eat avocado on sky flakes with a drizzle of salt; And sardines straight from the can with ‘tasty’ bread while still looking so classy eating it in her shorts in a rickety resort in far away Donsol; And cambozola paired with Prosecco which now I cannot get enough of,” Angel described Cherie in her tribute. 

“She who ditched her business class lounge and instead walked around with me in Abu Dhabi airport for hours because the lounge won’t take me,” she continued. 

“She who personally asked me to play her lesbian lover in ‘Kaputol’ because she wasn’t sure she trusted anybody else to do it with her. She who always took me to dinner with her classy friends and never left me to feel uncomfortable,” she recounted. 

She was so kind to me. At first I admired her, then I loved her profoundly. My Cherie amour, I am heartbroken. But I have so much beautiful memories with you. Thank you for your beauty, your energy, your authenticity. Goodbye for now, awesome one. Until then,” she ended her post. 



Zsa Zsa Padilla 

“Saddened to hear about your passing. The last time I worked with you, we were always seated beside each other - chatting away while waiting for our turn to work on our next scenes. You always had a way of getting in touch with me. I’ll never forget when you surprised me with a call and left a message on my machine. I was pregnant then with Zia and staying in Las Vegas while you were in NYC. I’ll never forget the quiet dinner we had with some (common) friends. As always, it was wonderful to be in your company,” Zsa Zsa recalled. 

“The last time I saw you was at Antonio’s in Tagaytay. We were happily waving at each other since I was seated at the lower level. You even texted me after! But most importantly, I’ll never forget how beautiful and vibrant you were when you celebrated your golden birthday! You danced the tango and I remember thinking - this woman can do anything she puts her heart into!” she added. 

“You were always so passionate and full of life! That’s how I will always remember you, Cherie, my Gemini sister! I miss you, my beautiful friend. Until we meet again. My deepest condolences to Cherie’s family,” she wrote. 



Dina Bonnevie 

“It is with a very sad heart that I need to say goodbye to a very dear friend this morning. Cherie as you know in French, means ‘dear.’ That is what you are to me. I will never forget all the times we slept together (you, Shawie and I) at my house when we were filming ‘Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas’,” Dina addressed her former co-star. 

“You were more than a friend to me, you were my sister, my first mentor in singing, you helped me believe in myself, my dreams, my goals. You were my critic and my fan, never afraid to tell me the truth if you felt I could do better and never stingy for words of praise if I did well,” she described Cherie. 

“We shared so many stories, insights, analyzed so many matters in our lives together , we even helped one another pick up the pieces of our broken lives then. I remember taking care of Jamie when we were both living in the same condo building and you taking care of me when I was recovering from my broken marriage. You taught me how to let go and be brave to face life’s challenges,” she wrote in her post 

Dina continued, “We were teachers to one another, always observing life as it unfolds and learning from our experiences along the way on how to be better at everything. Even at laughing at ourselves and our silly decisions at times. We believed that we always had to search for our higher selves and what purpose we had to fulfill in life and most of all what we could impart to this world as our contribution, our legacy,” 

“I remember how we talked about that in length when I visited you in Italy. I have so many memories of all of our conversations, our joys, our sorrows, laughter and pain. You did your part my dear sister and friend, though your life was not perfect because no one’s life is anyway; you gave your all in everything you did. You did your best despite the circumstances at hand,” she lovingly recalled. 

To end her post, Dina told Cherie, “You were always true and present in mind, body and spirit. That was your legacy! Kudos to you my dearest! I will truly miss you!! I love you, Cherie! Rest now in God’s loving arms where there is everlasting peace. Till we meet again.” 



Sunshine Cruz 

“RIP Ms. Cherie Gil. It was an honor to have worked with you in ‘Dolce Amore’. Sending heartfelt condolences to the whole Eigenmann family,” Sunshine captioned their snaps taken on set. 



Pops Fernandez 

Posting photos of herself and Cherie with music veteran Jim Paredes, Pops wrote, “Rest in Peace.. Cherie…” 



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