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7 of the most memorable big screen kontrabidas

Their portrayals are too realistic we almost forgot we're watching a movie!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/31/2022 in News
7 of the most memorable big screen kontrabidas

As much as we love movie protagonists, we can't deny that antagonists also play a huge part in making or breaking a good film. 

Whether it's spicing up the storyline or teaching the viewers a lesson with their change of heart, a well-crafted kontrabida is just as good as the star of the show. Below, we've rounded up 7 of the most iconic kontrabidas from Star Cinema films whose portrayals are too effective and realistic to forget: 

1. Ruth from "Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara" 

A character is turned more villainous when deep hate is fueled by revenge, as seen in the 1995 remake of the classic film "Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara". Here, Ruth (Dawn Zulueta) decided to kill herself to get back at her sister Barbara after she realized that the man she married has always been in love with her sister. Consumed by her envy, she plotted the most twisted vengeance for her sister that made everyone loathe her all the more. 

2. Selina Matias from "Mula sa Puso" 

Is there anything more evil than someone who celebrates the loss of others? This is exactly what Princess Punzalan embodies in the 1999 series-turned-movie "Mula Sa Puso". Here she played the role of Selina Matias, a woman who's hungry for wealth and power. From her vicious nature to her signature evil laugh, she has etched her name as one of the most remarkable big screen kontrabidas in the '90s. 

3. Clara from "Mara Clara" 

Mara Clara gave us one of the most intense rivalries on the big screen, including an unforgettable portrayal of Gladys Reyes as the envious daughter. Upon learning that she and Mara have been switched at birth, she made sure to make Mara's life a living hell as she was filled with deep jealousy. 

4. Miss Minchin from "Sarah... ang Munting Prinsesa" 

From anime series to the big screen, Miss Minchin remains the villain we all hated to the core. Portrayed by Jean Garcia in the 1995 Star Cinema movie adaptation, she effectively gave life as the headmistress who mistreated Sarah, after the little girl had been orphaned. 

5. Kara from "No Other Woman" 

Anne Curtis definitely set the standard as one of the most iconic movie mistresses with her nakakagigil character Kara from the 2011 romance-drama "No Other Woman". With her boldness, matched with the snappiest lines as the palaban na kabit, we can't help but hate her every time she appears on-screen! 

6. Olivia from "Bloody Crayons" 


The moment Olivia (Jane Oineza) confessed to sleeping with her friend's boyfriend in "Bloody Crayons", we already knew she's someone not to be trusted. True enough, her two-faced nature goes beyond making up stories and triggering fights among their group. 

7. Tasha from "Sin Island" 

At a glance, you'd think of Tasha (Nathalie Hart) as the typical mistress who wanted to steal someone's husband. While that may be true, she is more than just an "other woman". She would definitely go to great lengths to make sure she'd win the fight, even if it means she'd have to kill. 

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