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LOOK: Donny, Belle pen heartfelt posts as they end 'He's Into Her' journey

Belle: "It was bittersweet because It felt like a farewell, but a great one as well."

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/30/2022 in News
LOOK: Donny, Belle pen heartfelt posts as they end 'He's Into Her' journey

It's officially a wrap for team "He's Into Her" as they capped off the phenomenal series' second season with a finale concert at the Big Dome last Saturday, August 27. 

Following the success of the event, lead stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano took to their respective Instagram pages on Sunday, August 28, to pen heartfelt messages to their whole team and beloved fans as they officially ended their journey as Deib and Max. 

Sharing photos from the concert, Donny expressed how he'll forever "cherish" the moment of seeing all their fans gather and celebrate the night with them. 

"Last night was special. The last 3 years have been special. What a journey this has been. Just to see you guys in person, the very people who have supported us since the cast reveal, is already more than we can ask for. You guys have turned 'He’s Into Her' into so much more than just a show. It is something we will cherish forever," he wrote. 



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While the whole journey was never easy, the "An Inconvenient Love" leading man said everything was "worth it", before crediting the people and production behind the series who helped and believed in them all throughout.  

Donny also took the opportunity to give a shoutout to their supporters and Maxine Lat, also known as Maxinejiji, the author of the well-loved e-novel that the series was based on. 

"To @maxinejiji, we would not be standing on this stage if not for you. Thank you, you are extremely gifted," he wrote. "To our supporters. Donny Fam, I miss and love you all. It was emotional seeing many of you there. To Belle’s supporters, thank you so much for being there for her through thick and thin." 

"And to our Donbelle supporters, bubblies, DANG you guys are insane," he gushed. "Your efforts and support are always so overwhelming. Don’t know how to thank you enough. You never fail to surprise us. So happy we got to hear your shouts like that for the first time. This is a first of many with you," he added. 

Donny also made sure to put the spotlight on his co-star and leading lady, Belle, for all her hard work she put into the series. 

"And of course, to you @belle_mariano, the one and only Maxpein, you proved that with hard work, talent, and big, big dreams, anything is possible. You’ve not just changed Benison. You’ve changed and inspired many lives as well - and this is only the beginning 🙂" he said. 

To conclude his post, Donny shared how it will always be an honor for him to get to portray Deib. 

"And Deib, I’m hella proud of you kid. Thanks for never giving up on others, including yourself. For stepping up in moments when you could just walk away. It has truly been an honor portraying you. I know it hasn’t been the easiest path so far, but bigger and better days are coming. You’ll get through this, and will come out better than ever. You always do," he said, before expressing his love for the whole cast: "We did it guys. Love you all. Bears for life!" 

Meanwhile, Belle began her lengthy post by quoting her character's famous line, writing, "'Ang matapang umiiyak pero hindi nagpapasindak.'" 

She then went on to admit how she felt during the concert, seeing all their supporters at the Big Dome: "Minutes before I stepped out of the stage, I told myself I won’t cry— because last night was a celebration of all of our hardwork and your support for the past 4 years. But upon hearing our graduation song, I can’t help but shed a tear as it all flashed the memories we’ve shared throughout this journey," she said. 

"It was bittersweet because It felt like a farewell, but a great one as well," she added, before giving credit to their amazing "He's Into Her" staff and crew, the e-novel's author Maxine Lat, their ABS-CBN bosses, and her co-star Donny. 



The "An Inconvenient Love" actress also penned a letter for her character Max, whom she described as "the bravest girl" she's ever known. 

"Dear Maxpein, I’m glad I got the honor to portray you," she wrote. "I’m grateful I get to live out your life even for a short time because you’ve taught me so much—how to value friendship and family, most especially love. You’ve taught me that even in the most difficult times in our life, we will always get something out of it, there will always be beauty after all of it. Thank you, Max, for believing. For loving. and for not giving up. — Na sa kabila ng Kahit na at Kahit pa, sa pagmamahal palaging Sigurado." 

"And with your journey I learned how to have stronger relationships, I’ve built my courage, I’ve learned how to stand up for what is right. Lastly, you’ve taught me na ‘Ang matapang umiiyak pero hindi nagpapasindak.’ You’ve shown us that even the bravest person has their soft side too.. and that’s okay," she continued. 

Belle ended the letter by sharing how Max will always have a special place in her heart no matter what. 

"It may have taken me a lot of tears, uncertainties, and sleepless nights to be here, but one thing is for sure… I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you, Max, you’ll always have a place in my heart that’s yours forever to keep. This is Maxpein Del Valle, signing off," she added, as she cheered the Benison Bears' chant one last time: "Go Bears Fight and Win! Hoo-Ha Hoo-Ha!!!" 

If you miss the "He's Into Her" cast, all episodes of the two seasons are available for streaming on iWantTFC. 

Currently, Donny and Belle are gearing up for their second full-length film "An Inconvenient Love", to be directed by Petersen Vargas. 

It is slated for release in cinemas on November 23, 2022. 

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