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FULL MOVIE: Vhong Navarro charms as a dream boy in 'Mr. Suave'

Rico (Vhong) seeks to find a way to break a curse that prevents him from being intimate with girls.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/26/2022 in Videos

You know what they say, even the most perfect person really can't have it all. 

Just like in the 2003 comedy "Mr. Suave", Rico (Vhong Navarro) is often envied by his friends for his suave looks that makes him popular among girls. However, as much as he's seen as a dream boy in the eyes of many, it hasn't actually been easy for him due to the curse he carries — he freezes once he gets intimate with girls, thus, preventing him from pursuing anything beyond friendship with them. 

Together with his friends, Rico tries to find a way to break the curse. He then meets Venus (Angelica Jones), whom his friends believe is the answer to break the curse. Will Rico be able to finally find the perfect cure for his condition and finally experience true love, or will he just break another girl's heart in the process? 

Find out by streaming “Mr. Suave” for FREE on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel!  

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