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Bittersweet memories: 10 couple homes from Popoy-Basha to Primo-George

How can a house hold so many memories?

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño
- 8/26/2022 in Photos

Love builds a happy home. 

A lot of  Star Cinema couples opened their home for us to get ourselves involved in their love stories as we watched them every time. 

We have witnessed  how they resolved insecurities, confusion, quarrels, gap, and more inside the four corners of their abode of love.

And how many times did they make us blush and teary-eyed whenever they make the world jealous while they plan their dreams together, whisper words of endearments every waking hour of their candied lives, play fun tickle games before he wrapped her inside his arms and kiss her until she fell asleep?

We've lost count.

Yet sometimes, all these memories can turn unsweetened until all that is left to do is to... let go. 

"How do we save us?" That is the recurring question posed on the characters of Primo (Daniel Padilla) and George (Kathryn Bernardo) in the upcoming Cathy Garcia-Molina film "The Hows of Us." We hope that no matter what happens, love prevails in the end - for all of us. 

Swipe on the gallery above to see other Star Cinema movie couples before Primo and George in their lovely homes.

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