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Liza Soberano details how she bagged role of Taffy in 'Lisa Frankenstein'

Liza will be playing the step-sister of Lisa (Kathryn Newton) in the upcoming Hollywood movie!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/26/2022 in News
Liza Soberano details how she bagged role of Taffy in 'Lisa Frankenstein'

Liza Soberano has already kickstarted her Hollywood dream, as she officially began filming for the upcoming horror-comedy-romance film, "Lisa Frankenstein". 

But much like any other projects, the "My Ex and Whys" actress underwent a rigorous process before landing the role of Taffy, the step-sister of lead star Lisa, played by Kathryn Newton. 

In an interview with Rappler published on August 24, Liza recalled how she auditioned for the movie, which she recorded while they were on a trip in South Korea with her Careless Music family. 

"I was told to make an audition tape for this," she shared. "It was a self-tape that I had to film. I have never created a self-tape before. All my auditions in the past were in person so I didn't know how to do it. I even didn't know what the right format was or like what to even say or do," she admitted.  

Fortunately, her representatives from the United States were very experienced in that aspect, as they helped her with the step-by-step process. "I filmed it when I was in Korea with my manager Jeff (Oh) and he was the one reading the lines with me," she added. 

However, their first try didn't go as smoothly, and they had to redo the entire audition tape before submitting it to the production team. 

"There was not enough head space and they were particular with the head space in the video. And it was blurry and I was like looking straight at the camera while I was saying my line, which you aren't supposed to do because you don't do that when you are actually filming," she shared. "So I had to redo it completely, and film it on another day and then I had the Careless team edit it for me, and we sent it over to the production." 

For the actress, she considers "Lisa Frankenstein" a dream project of hers that she's about to fulfill. 

"When I read the script, I was like blown away. I knew I would want to be in it like after the fifth and sixth sequences. It's like a dream movie and a dream project of mine so when I heard the news that I got the role of course I was very excited," she exclaimed. 

While it was everything she wanted to do in a movie, Liza said she didn't set any expectations knowing how the industry works.  

"Just from being in this industry for a long time, I know nothing is final until you're actually filming and sometimes even then, it gets put on the backburner. I didn't want to get too excited about it because I didn't want to expect and then you know get crushed and hurt if it does not push through," she said. 

"But thank God it did. And so I'm really happy. I came in with no expectations, just wanting to experience something new and I am enjoying every single bit of it," she enthused. 

Written by Diablo Cody and directed by Zelda Williams, "Lisa Frankenstein" also stars Cole Sprouse, Carla Gugino, Joe Chrest, and Henry Eikenberry. 

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