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'It's finally happening': 'Teen Clash' author, netizens rave about the upcoming series

E-novel's author Ai Danganan assures fans: "'Teen Clash' is in good hands."

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/24/2022 in News
'It's finally happening': 'Teen Clash' author, netizens rave about the upcoming series

Yup, the "Teen Clash" series adaptation is finally happening and fans of the e-novel couldn't be more excited! 

Following the announcement of the upcoming series on Monday, August 22, the e-novel's author, Ilyn Anne Danganan, or better known as Ai, took to Twitter to express her gratitude over the support the series has already been receiving as she gushed about the story finally coming to life. 

"Reading some of your tweets, I just feel grateful and overwhelmed by the support. I’m excited but also nervous, tbh. But I trust the whole team and the cast. 'Teen Clash' is in good hands," she wrote, before exclaiming: "But, pa-isa lang… AAAHHHHH! IT’S HAPPENING! ITO NA TALAGA!" 



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In another tweet, Ai also shared how the lead stars, Jayda Avanzado and Aljon Mendoza, are already giving off the same vibes as the characters they will portray in the series. 

"At hindi naman sa ano, pero Jayda and Aljon is giving me Zoe and Ice vibes na agad wala pa man din. Like the more na tinitingnan ko pictures nila, naiisip ko na lang, “Ah, Zoe at Ice talaga ‘to” ganon," she wrote. 



Fans of the e-novel couldn't agree more with Ai, who can already picture Jayda as Zoe, Aljon as Ice, and Markus Paterson as Jude. 











Meanwhile, other netizens are looking forward to the adaptation who have long been clamoring to see it on screen. 









And with Black Sheep producing the series for iWantTFC? It just further fueled the excitement for the "Teen Clash" fans! 





And while we have yet to meet the other cast, some netizens are already just as excited to meet them too! 





"Teen Clash" will be helmed by “The Animals” and "#Y” director Gino M. Santos. It marks the first time he, Jayda, and Aljon will be working with Black Sheep. Markus, on the other hand, previously starred in "Hello Stranger: The Movie" which was released in 2021.  

Stay tuned for more updates on Star Cinema and Black Sheep's official social media accounts! 

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