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COMPILED: 5 of the most nakakagigil mistress face-offs in movies!

Trisha (Dawn Zulueta) and Adie’s (Bea Alonzo) linyahan showdown in “The Love Affair” will make you forget to breathe!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

8/22/2022 in News
COMPILED: 5 of the most nakakagigil mistress face-offs in movies!

In a monogamous marriage, fidelity is the non-negotiable that makes the foundations of the union strong and lasting.  

With that said, the obvious woman to root for in mistress-entangled storylines is the legal wife. Mistresses, as nuanced as their characters are, often get a bad rep, which makes it even more exciting when wives choose to confront them let alone tell them to back off from their respective husbands.  

Here, we’ve compiled the most nakakagigil encounters between wives and mistresses that will surely raise the emotional thermostat and call for a mic drop! 

“No Other Woman” (2011) 

Charmaine (Cristine Reyes) may be an expert in throwing subtle, below-the-belt punches at her husband’s mistress Kara (Anne Curtis), but Kara is more of a straight shooter. In a scene where Charmaine nearly slaps her, Kara stands her ground and hits Charmaine right where it hurts. 

Most “gigil” line: 

Kara: “You can call me anything you want, but I will never be a pathetic, boring housewife!” 

“Sin Island” (2018) 

Both portraying “palaban” characters in this erotic thriller, Kanika (Coleen Garcia) and Tasha (Nathalie Hart) try to one-up each other over their relationships with David (Xian Lim). In the literal heat of the moment, in a sauna no less, Kanika poses an explicit threat to Tasha fooling around with her husband. 

Most “gigil” line: 

Kanika: “If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen!” 

“The Unmarried Wife” (2016) 

Anne (Angelica Panganiban) has had enough of her husband Geoff’s (Dingdong Dantes) affair with Cristina (Maricar Reyes), so she takes it upon herself to ambush the mistress at her workplace. Their confrontation turned out to be a feisty fight between two women in love with the same man. 

Most “gigil” lines: 

Cristina: “Lagi niyang sinasabi sa akin na sa akin lang siya nakakaramdam ng pagmamahal!” 

Anne: “At naniwala ka naman na ‘yun ang totoo? Mukha ka lang matalino pero nuknukan ka ng pagkatanga’t uto-uto!” 

Anne: “Ikaw? Anong pinaglalaban mo, ‘yang kati mo?” 

Cristina: “Can you not?” 

Anne: “Can you not f*ck my husband?” 

“One More Try” (2012) 

Technically, Grace (Angel Locsin) isn’t the mistress of Jacqueline’s (Angelica Panganiban) husband. But when Grace starts to become more of an interference in her marriage, Jacqueline makes it clear just how much she’s willing to fight for the man she loves. 

Most “gigil” line: 

Jacqueline: “Hindi ko siya pinagdadamot sa anak mo bilang isang ama, pero bilang isang asawa, karapatan kong ipagdamot ang asawa ko!” 

“The Love Affair” (2015) 

After having been cheated on by her two-timing fiancé, Adie (Bea Alonzo) knows a thing or two about dealing with mistresses. When Adie becomes one herself to Vince (Richard Gomez), legal wife Trisha (Dawn Zulueta) tries to put an end to the affair by “calmly” asking Adie to stay away from her husband. The supposedly calm encounter became a showdown like no other! 

Most “gigil” lines: 

Trisha: “Matalino kang babae so I’m going to say this one last time, layuan mo ang asawa ko.” 

Adie: “Paano kung ang asawa mo ang ayaw lumayo?” 

Trisha: “Eh di malandi ka.” 

Adie: “Look who’s talking.” 

Trisha: “I may not be so nice.” 

Adie: “Is that a threat?” 

Trisha: “Are you threatened?” 

Adie: “Ano sa tingin mo?” 

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