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5 unexpected movie team-ups that worked!

Which of these onscreen matches do you want to see paired for a second time?

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

8/18/2022 in News
5 unexpected movie team-ups that worked!

The beauty of romantic-comedies, and film in general, is that there’s always room for any and every kind of pairing. While fans always keep their eyes peeled for new projects of their favorite love teams, there’s a different kind of excitement that comes with rooting for an unlikely tandem.  

Here, we’ve compiled unexpected movie team-ups whose never-before-seen chemistry on the big screen impressed audiences nationwide! 

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards in “Hello, Love, Goodbye” 

Before working with Alden, Kathryn has mostly worked on her onscreen love magic with real-life boyfriend Daniel Padilla. What seemed to be a risk turned out to be a real reward for Kathryn and Alden as they bagged numerous accolades for their respective performances as Joy and Ethan, OFWs who found love in Hong Kong.  

Their team-up under Cathy Garcia-Molina’s master direction made this movie the current highest grossing Filipino film of all time! 

Coco Martin and Angelica Panganiban in “Love or Money” 

Coco and Angelica’s pairing in this 2021 romantic-comedy may have caught many viewers by surprise, but, at its core, it just makes sense when you put together two actors who have both displayed unique comedic stylings and a profound spectrum of emotions in their past films. 

Jodi Sta. Maria and Xian Lim in “Dear Other Self” 

It’s a well-known fact that Xian Lim’s classic onscreen tandem is with his real-life girlfriend Kim Chiu. So it was definitely uncharted territory for Xian when he was announced to star alongside Jodi Sta. Maria and Joseph Marco in this 2017 rom-com. It’s also very apt that Jodi and Xian’s seemingly foreign team-up was set in a foreign land in the film! 

Zanjoe Marudo and Pokwang in “My Illegal Wife” 

We’ve seen so many sought-after heartthrobs matched with girl-next-door characters, so it’s refreshing to see Zanjoe paired with gorgeous, funnywoman Pokwang in a film about the (literal) trappings of love. 

Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino in “Isa Pa with Feelings” 

Maine and Carlo’s first movie team-up in this Black Sheep production made us want to say: “Isa pa with feelings!” Maine’s ability to dive deep into her persona’s nuances and struggles matched with Carlo’s proven skill to convey emotion even and especially with a deaf character made their romantic chemistry even more unforgettable. 

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