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The Mega Spotlight: Sharon Cuneta on her past movies and the projects she wants to do next

Sharon also names the four actors whom she wants to work with again in future projects

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/17/2022 in News
The Mega Spotlight: Sharon Cuneta on her past movies and the projects she wants to do next

In an industry where someone's sparkle easily gets dull, Sharon Cuneta continues to shine while remaining humbled and grateful to still be doing what she loves.

In the livestream event for the digitally restored version of "Madrasta" with director Olivia "Inang" Lamasan, the Megastar looked back at her illustrious career in showbiz, as she opened up on what she feels when seeing her past projects at this point of her career. 

"I'm grateful," Sharon beamed. "I'm extremely grateful because not everybody is given that rare gift of being able to see themselves at different ages or during their youth, and being able to show — not just make kwento — to their children about how they acted, how they talked in their youth, [and] what was uso in their youth," she related.  

For her, it's actually a privilege to have her children see her previous movies, which she also hopes to witness with her future grandkids. 

"My children have seen my movies and I'm looking forward to having grandchildren who will see my movies, who will see their grandma when she was 15, 16, 17, and see most of her exes on screen with her," she quipped. "And KC's (Concepcion) children will actually see their lolo and lola on screen and that makes me happy," she added, referring to KC's dad and her ex-husband Gabby Concepcion. 

Speaking of her past leading men, the Megastar is very much open to work again with her past on-screen partners, particularly Robin Padilla, Aga Muhlach, Christopher de Leon, and Gabby, under the direction of Inang. 

"I would like to work again with Robin. Robin is my favorite because I'm happiest at work when it's Robin kasi we have the same sense of humor," she spoke of her "Unexpectedly Yours" co-star. "Everybody on the set is happy when the two of us are around. It's always a happy set, and I'm always, always so well-taken care of by Robin. Always," she affirmed. 

Meanwhile, it'd be a pleasure for her to be paired with such amazing actors like Aga and Boyet, her leading men in "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana" and "Madrasta" respectively. 

"I'd like to work with Aga again simply because he's such a great actor and he's one of my dearest friends now of almost 20 years na,” said Sharon. “Of course, I'd like to work with Boyet again. Before we all turn into prunes, I'd like to work with all of them again," she quipped.  

Ultimately, it's a dream for her to team up again with Gabby, just like the old times: "I'd also like to work with Gabby under Inang. That would be great," she exclaimed. 

And while a love story is something she'd "really, really love" to do again, the veteran actress said she trusts a legendary director like Inang to come up with the best concepts for her, in what she hopes to be another project for them again in the future. 

"I would trust Inang to come up with a concept na ganoon pa rin – iba, pero alaga ako. I wouldn't mind pushing a bit further," she enthused. 

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