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FULL MOVIE: Arci Muñoz makes a movie about her ex in ‘Last Fool Show’

Can filmmaker Mayessa (Arci) pull off a romantic-comedy based on her own heartbreak?

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

8/16/2022 in Movies

In film, there is truth. 

At least that’s how it is for indie filmmaker Mayessa (Arci Muñoz) who resorts to basing a big onscreen project on the true events of her failed relationship with ex-boyfriend Paolo (JM de Guzman). 

In this 2019 romantic-comedy of a “film within a film,” Mayessa is desperate to get her big break in the industry and be able to support her ailing mother (Snooky Serna). When production company Galaxy Films presents her with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it comes with the challenge of making the movie a mainstream hit.  

As Mayessa deviates from her usual indie content and banks on her real-life experiences to come up with a relatable romantic-comedy, she must face hard truths in the process. 

Helmed by late director Eduardo Roy Jr., “Last Fool Show” is a treasure trove of lessons on confronting a painful past and making the most of the cards you’ve been dealt with. You can stream the movie for FREE on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel! 

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