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TIMELINE: Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s love team milestones!

Bask in the era of the New Gen Phenomenal Love Team!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

8/16/2022 in News
TIMELINE: Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s love team milestones!

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s onscreen chemistry might come across as effortless but it’s the passion and hardwork they exert day in, day out into their craft that propelled them to being dubbed as the New Gen Phenomenal Love Team. 

Unstoppable is one word we would use to describe DonBelle, as they are called by their adoring fans. One project after another, they have run with the momentum of their tried-and-tested bond and youthful vigor. Not to mention their off-screen moments make their tandem even more lovable! As a result, their fans just couldn’t get enough of them. 

As DonBelle topbills Star Cinema’s big return to the cinemas, it’s our pleasure to round up the love team’s milestones since they first met on set, and we’re pretty sure they are just getting started. 

“James & Pat & Dave” (February 2020) 

Even before Donny and Belle officially teamed up for a project, they have already gained online traction since their first appearance in the 2020 romantic-comedy “James & Pat & Dave” starring Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte. Donny played titular character Dave in the movie while Belle made a brief appearance as Trish! 

“He’s Into Her” (May 2021) 

For their first co-starring roles, Donny and Belle went full steam ahead and made this teen series a huge hit!  

Bringing to life their respective characters Maxpein and Deib Lohr in the iWantTFC series, DonBelle won awards for their performance as a love team from the VP Choice Awards 2021, 7th PUSH Awards, RAWR Awards, and Tag Awards Chicago. 



MetroStyle cover (July 2021) 

Following their phenomenal performance in “He’s Into Her,” DonBelle got all glammed up as a preppy pair for their first digital cover on Metro magazine. 



A post shared by Donny Pangilinan (@donny)


“He's Into Her: The Benison Ball” (August 2021) 

From the screen to the stage, Donny and Belle led the “He’s Into Her” cast in a special online concert to celebrate the show’s successful run. 

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“He's Into Her: The Journey” (August 2021) 

And just when you think a digital cover and concert are enough to capture the teen idols’ breakthrough success, a special documentary on the making of “He’s Into Her” was released.  

“He’s Into Her Season 1: The Movie Cut” (November 2021) 

Another special treat from the Bearkada was brought to viewers when Cinema One showed the iWantTFC original in two parts to tell Max (Belle) and Deib’s (Donny) love story on the big screen. 



“Love Is Color Blind” (December 2021) 

2021 was a jam-packed year for the whole “He’s Into Her” team, so imagine the joy and surprise of DonBelle fans when it was announced that the duo will be starring in their first full-length film right before the year ends! 

In this romantic-comedy about clinging onto hope and moving forward from tragedy, Donny and Belle breathed life into their respective characters Ino, a colorblind artist, and Cara, his loving best friend. 



A post shared by Donny Pangilinan (@donny)




ABS-CBN's 2021 Christmas Station ID: Andito Tayo Para Sa Isa't Isa (December 2021) 

Not only are Donny and Belle brilliant actors, they are also talented recording artists. So it’s literally music to our ears when they melded their unique voices together and appeared side-by-side in ABS-CBN's 2021 Christmas Station ID. 

Belle’s “Daylight” concert (January 30, 2022) 

The kilig meter of the DonBelle fandom was off to a great start this 2022 when Donny made a guest appearance in Belle’s first-ever digital concert “Daylight.”  

He even took to Instagram to pen a short and sweet message for his onscreen partner afterwards. 

“You did great po,” Donny told Belle in the caption of his post. 



A post shared by Donny Pangilinan (@donny)




Metro magazine cover (April 2022) 

As they ushered in the second season of “He’s Into Her,” Donny and Belle shone in their full Y2K-stylized glory on the cover of Metro magazine, proving that they can rock any style! 



“He’s Into Her” season 2 (May 2022) 

A year after they cemented their place in Philippine television, DonBelle came back in full force together with the whole Bearkada for the second season of “He’s Into Her.”  



A post shared by Donny Pangilinan (@donny)


Star Magic All-Star Games (May 2022) 

One of DonBelle’s most kilig-worthy off-screen moments is when the actor showed much appreciation to his “best cheerleader” during a basketball match at this year’s Star Magic All-Star Games. 



A post shared by Donny Pangilinan (@donny)


Star Magic 30th Anniversary: Beyond The Stars U.S. Tour (August 2022) 

Together with Star Magic artists, Donny and Belle just wrapped up Star Magic’s concert tour for audiences in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. From local to international, DonBelle has remained phenomenal in their performances! 



A post shared by Donny Pangilinan (@donny)


“An Inconvenient Love” (2022) 

Brace yourselves as we welcome the newest characters of Donny and Belle on the big screen! To mark Star Cinema’s much-awaited return to theaters, DonBelle will star in the upcoming film “An Inconvenient Love” coming to cinemas very soon. 



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