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WATCH: Three ways you can transform the classic adobo

Pineapples on pizza are still debatable...how about on adobo?

Elisha Marie Blando
Elisha Marie Blando

8/12/2022 in Videos

Thinking of a new but classic way to bond with your family? Why not watch a movie while feasting on your favorite family dish with a twist! Transform the classic adobo into three different kinds! Make your dish pop with color with Adobo sa Dilaw, using turmeric powder.  

How about merging that classic soda drink and this classic dish? Adobo Soda got that sweet and savory twist!  

And lastly, try replacing vinegar with pineapple juice and add in the fruit chunks too for a Sweet and Spicy Hawaiian Adobo.  

Watch the full recipes on the video above. Pair these yummy recipes with the perfect movie binge list on  Star Cinema's Youtube channel. 

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