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WATCH: Iza Calzado reveals her go-to food cravings

Iza offers healthy alternatives to usual sweet cravings!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

8/12/2022 in Videos

In keeping up with Iza Calzado and her ganaps off-screen, we’ve learned that keeping a healthy lifestyle is on the top of her list.  

According to the “Starting Over Again” actress, her motivation to keep fit and healthy is rooted mostly in her past struggles with obesity and her desires of being able to take care of her family “if and when” she would have one. Now that Iza is expecting her first child with her non-showbiz husband Ben Wintle, we’re all the more inspired to see how her dedication to fitness is paying off! Nonetheless, Iza still has “guilty pleasures” when it comes to food. Watch the video above to know more about her favorite snacks and more tips on keeping a healthy mind and body! 

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