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COMPILED: Aga Muhlach’s leading ladies in film!

Claudine, Anne, Bea + more veteran actresses who have teamed up with Aga!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

8/12/2022 in News
COMPILED: Aga Muhlach’s leading ladies in film!

Anyone—and we mean, anyone—would be lucky to be paired with the one and only Aga Muhlach on the big screen. 

Whether it’s in a film melding sweet romance and comic relief or a movie packed with heavy drama, Aga has his unique way of building on-screen chemistry with his leading lady which makes audiences root for their tandem from start to finish!  

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the veteran actor’s leading ladies in film as we recall all the times he made us swoon over his dimples and charisma! 

Bea Alonzo (“First Love”) 

It could have been a serendipitous thing that Aga and Bea’s first film together is titled “First Love” because there’s no doubt love was all we could see between them here! As their respective characters Nick, a reserved businessman, and Ali, a bohemian photographer living with a heart condition, Aga and Bea offer a one-of-a-kind dynamic in this 2018 romance-drama! 



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Angel Locsin (“In the Name of Love”) 

You’re in for a dance of illicit love between Emman (Aga) and Cedes (Angel) in this Olivia M. Lamasan film! Let Aga and Angel show you how magnetic the connection between their characters is in this movie about rediscovering passions and forming unexpected bonds. 



Anne Curtis (“When Love Begins”) 

The taste of an “almost” relationship is quite bittersweet, but in this 2008 romance drama, Aga and Anne bring just enough flavor to their team-up for audiences to keep wanting more! 



Maricel Soriano & Angelica Panganiban (“A Love Story”) 

In this 2007 film about being torn between two lovers, Aga gravitates so effortlessly to both of his leading ladies: Maricel and Angelica. What’s even more exciting is how in just one film, we see Aga’s versatility as two women bring out different sides of him. Joanna (Maricel) is Ian’s (Emman) anchor to peace and stability while Karyn (Angelica) makes life seem more fun and exciting for him. 





Claudine Barretto (“Dubai”) 

Even when acting alongside another brilliant actor, John Lloyd Cruz, Aga’s mastery of his craft shines. As they pit against each other in pursuit of a woman named Faye (Claudine), viewers are treated to a full display of Aga’s ability to convey emotional depth. 



Kristine Hermosa (“All My Life”) 

It’s been almost two decades since Kristine and Aga’s pairing shook the EchoTin tandem, but it only feels like yesterday! This was the only film Kristine starred without her onscreen partner, Jericho Rosales, and Aga made it truly worth it. 

Lea Salonga (“Sana Maulit Muli”) 

Who can ever forget Aga and Lea’s award-winning performances in this Olivia M. Lamasan classic? They respectively won Best Actor and Best Actress awards at the 19th Gawad Urian Awards for their portrayals of long-time couple Jerry and Agnes. 



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Dayanara Torres (“Basta't Kasama Kita”) 

Aga and Dayanara’s chemistry was too good to be true in this 1995 film that it actually became true in real life! The pair dated for five years before deciding to call it quits. 

In an interview with Karen Davila back in 2017, Dayanara spoke of the breakup, “It wasn't a terrible breakup. But I do remember, you know, being hurt and wanting to go, wanting to pack my stuff. But, you know, it was the way it was supposed to be." 



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