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WATCH: Chito S. Roño supernatural horror flick 'T2' (Supercut)

A series of mysteries start to unfold after Claire takes custody of orphan Angeli.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/11/2022 in Videos

You know you're in for a ride when a horror flick is helmed by none other than the Master of Scare, Chito S. Roño. 

In the 2009 supernatural horror "T2", Maricel Soriano plays the role of an orphan foundation volunteer whose mission is to give the assigned orphans to a family. However, she faces an inexplicable series of mysteries when she gets assigned to Angeli (Mika dela Cruz), an orphan who apparently came from a family of engkantos. 

Prepare for some screams and chills as the mysteries slowly start to unfold in the bite-sized version of "T2" above! 

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