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WATCH: Ina Raymundo sends off son Jakob in tears

It seems like Jakob will officially be starting college soon!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

8/10/2022 in News
WATCH: Ina Raymundo sends off son Jakob in tears

Ina Raymundo couldn’t hold back her tears as she bid goodbye to her unico hijo Jakob Poturnak who is off to pursue a college baseball career in the United States. 

On Wednesday, August 8, the “Block Z” actress took to Instagram to share a video of herself shedding tears while giving Jakob a tight hug before his departure. 

“Bye for now, kuya,” she captioned the clip. 




Sharing the actress’ sentiments, Ina’s eldest daughter Erika Rae commented a crying emoji on the post. 

As seen in the comment section, netizens were moved by the beautiful moment shared by the mother and son prior to Jakob’s big move. 

It was in November of last year when Ina proudly announced that Jakob had been accepted as a D1 college baseball player at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

“My son is now officially a Xavier Musketeer. To be playing D1 college baseball is one of the best achievements in your life, Jakob. We are so proud of you,” she gushed over her son securing the athletic scholarship.  

This isn’t the first time Ina saw off one of her kids to pursue higher education. Last August, Erika Rae left the nest to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Aside from Jakob and Erika, Ina has three younger children with her Canadian-Ukrainian husband Brian Poturnak: Mikaela Jade, Anika Sage, and Minka Eve. 

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