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LOOK: Doug Kramer takes daughter Kendra out on 'date night'

Chesca shares the importance of going out on individual dates with their kids

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/1/2022 in News
LOOK: Doug Kramer takes daughter Kendra out on 'date night'

Doug Kramer spent some quality time with his eldest daughter Kendra by taking her out on a date night.

The former basketball player shared some snippets of their father-and-daughter bonding on Instagram last Friday, July 29. In the photos, the two posed for some selfies. 

"Drink wine! With Papaaaa! Date night with my baby," he captioned the post.

"Glad we had quality time tonight and had our heart-to-heart talk, sweetheart. I love you!" he added, explaining that the wine photo is "just a joke".



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The 13-year-old also took to her own Instagram to share some candid snaps with her dad, as she thanked him for a "memorable" date night.

"I had so much fun tonight, Daddy! We should do this more often! Thank you so much for bringing me out today! I love you soooo much, Daddy! Tonight was memorable," she wrote in the caption.



Meanwhile, Chesca posted photos of Doug and Kendra just before they headed out on her Instagram to share the importance of taking kids out on individual dates with parents.

"My kids always look forward to their individual dates with us," she wrote. "It doesn't really matter where we are or go for as long as they have our undivided time and attention. Dating them makes them feel valuable and makes them feel time with them is important to us parents," she explained.



The mom of 3 also stressed that date nights are a "good time to catch up" and hear their thoughts "without having to compete for attention".

In the same post, Chesca also expressed her excitement for their eldest who is about to start going to a regular school after being homeschooled for five years.

"We are so excited for her and can't wait to see her spread her wings. But at the same time, she needs to be reminded about our ground rules, boundaries, respect for self, honoring her parents' trust, and never ever forgetting her convictions. This date tonight is all about that!" she said.

"It's so nice that my kids get to have moments like these. My husband gave this idea years back. As much as he loves to date me, he also looks forward to one on one dates with the kids too. So thankful for the intentional father that he is," she added.

Apart from Kendra, Doug and Chesca have two other kids: 10-year-old Scarlett and 9-year-old Gavin.

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