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Kryz Uy gets real about mistakes as first-time mom

Kryz shares: "If you just fed him and his diaper is well, he could be crying for a myriad of reasons."

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/8/2022 in News
Kryz Uy gets real about mistakes as first-time mom

Unlike her first time being a mother, vlogger Kryz Uy can confidently say that she has gotten hold of the mom life with her second baby with husband Slater Young, Seven Kai.

In a vlog she uploaded on July 3, Kryz tackled the mistakes she made as a first-time mom with Scott, along with her realizations as she takes care of baby Sevi since they welcomed him last May.

The mom of two said one of her mistakes was letting Scott get used to the noise and light when he's sleeping.

“When Scottie was a newborn, a lot of moms told me, ‘You know what, you should make your kids [be] sanay to sleep anywhere even if it is a noisy environment. Don’t let him coop up in the room, so you don’t have to tiptoe around him when he’s sleeping,'" she recalled.

"'You should keep him in the broad daylight so that he can sleep anywhere. You should talk even when he is sleeping, even with a normal voice. He should hear the vacuum, the coffee machine, everything should be normal so that you could train him to sleep wherever and he’s not gonna be a picky sleeper.’"

However, the longer she does it with Scott, the more Kryz realizes how wrong it is in so many ways.

“Kasi, even us adults, we can’t sleep nga if it is a noisy environment. If it is super bright, it is harder for us to sleep. What more these kids, these babies, who are so used to the dark of our wombs?" she stressed.

Kryz then shared how they applied it with Scott then, and how they didn't make the same mistake with Sevi.

“When Scottie was a newborn we were always in the living area, we were making breakfast and he was just there. We were watching TV, he was right there," she shared. “It was super duper bright because our house was a glass house, which is probably why he never slept. And Slater and I always said Scott is not a sleeper lang talaga. He is just a baby who is having a hard time sleeping."

“No wonder because his sleep environment was not optimal at all," she continued. "And now with the amount of research that I’ve done and also with the experience that I had, Sevi sleeps in his own room, creating the perfect sleep environment will definitely help with baby sleep,” she added.

Apart from her mistake when it comes to their sleep, Kryz also realized how a baby crying is more than just him being hungry.

“It was always feed the baby, feed the baby, feed the baby. And that fed into the anxiety in my head that maybe my milk is not enough. Why is he always hungry?" she said.

“And guys that is completely wrong pala. We just assume that the baby is hungry but a lot of times he is not. If you just fed him and his diaper is well, he could be crying for a myriad of reasons. He could just be uncomfortable, he might just want to be held, he might just need attention,” she explained.

The vlogger also debunked the old saying that moms should never use pacifiers for their babies, saying that they would have a hard time weaning them out when the time comes.

“Sucking is actually very calming for a baby, especially a newborn and so giving a pacifier isn’t actually all that bad based on my research. Because if you give a baby a pacifier, if you want to wean him off you can just take it out," she furthered.

Watch the full vlog here:

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