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PHOTOS: Celebrities who visited iconic K-Drama filming locations

The Lake Brienz in Switzerland as seen on "Crash Landing on You" is a popular spot among celebs!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 7/28/2022 in Photos

Other than meeting their favorite oppas, part of any Korean drama fan's bucket list is to set foot in the locations where iconic K-Drama scenes were shot. Who wouldn't want to reenact their favorite scenes exactly where the stars filmed their scenes?

Fortunately for some celebrities, they had their own K-Drama moment when they visited some of the most popular filming spots from K-Drama hits like "Crash Landing on You", "Goblin", "Boys Over Flowers", and more! Some stars like Anne Curtis even brought her A-game and made sure to dress like one of the characters from her all-time favorite "Goblin" for a complete experience.

Scroll through the gallery above and see the lucky celebs who have lived their fangirl dreams!

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