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PHOTOS: Jane Oineza and RK Bagatsing's sweetest moments

RKane’s travel photos make top-tier couple content ❤️

Humility Javier
Humility Javier
- 7/27/2022 in Photos

From the moment Jane Oineza and RK Bagatsing made their relationship public through a TikTok dance clip last year, we had an inkling that we would be getting more sweet couple content from them. And we’re happy to report that our hunch was spot on!

Followers of the celebrity couple would know that Jane and RK are not the type to post about their relationship frequently, but when they do, it’s always full of love! Even as simple as Jane simply captioning their getaway photos with “My love” makes the hearts of RKane fans flutter. Here, we’ve compiled some of their sweetest social media posts that will make you oh-so kilig!

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