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WATCH: Lorin Gutierrez opens up about reuniting with father Yilmaz in new vlog

“Obviously, there was a lot of hurt for 15 years, but my mindset is that the past is the past."

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

7/20/2022 in News
WATCH: Lorin Gutierrez opens up about reuniting with father Yilmaz in new vlog

Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughter Lorin shared her sentiments about visiting her father Yilmaz Bektas with her sister Venice for the first time after being apart for 15 years.

In Lorin’s vlog about returning to Turkey posted on YouTube, she revealed the reason why she decided to publicize their reunion and asked netizens to be mindful in commenting on such a personal matter. 

“Thank you for anyone who’s given their kind words. I also have seen a lot of comments online of people kind of talking in a way that doesn’t reflect the fact that this entire journey actually has something to do with real-life people and that we’re not a fan fiction or a movie or a TV show where you can watch and comment from afar as if you know everything, as if it’s so simple. It’s really not black-and-white like that,” she disclosed towards the end of the 28-minute video.

“Usually, I shrug off all, like, negativity or whatever because, you know, it’s always gonna be there. But if it’s actually something to do with something so personal, I’m just here asking, like, yes, we decided to share this part of our lives with you because obviously, the split between my mom and dad was very public. I know that comes along with it,” she said.

She continued, “If you can leave a hate comment on any other piece of content that I produce, and you can say whatever you want about any other aspect of my life. But when it comes to this, especially like me seeing my family again, please just be careful and be sensitive of what you do comment because this is possibly the most monumental moment of my life thus far that I decided to vlog and share with the world. So it is intimidating to put such a personal aspect of me out there.”

Lorin explained that her “main motivation” for uploading the vlog is to inspire people in similar situations as her and Venice to keep the faith in believing that broken familial ties can be repaired.

“I’m not really that much of a public person, especially about my personal life. I keep that very private. But I did decide to edit this and upload this because my main message that I want to get across to you guys is that it is possible,” she addressed viewers.

“There were definitely moments in my life where I was convinced, I didn’t know when I was gonna see my father’s side again. I didn’t even know if I was ever even gonna touch Turkey,” she spoke of her father’s home country.

“The fact that suddenly I’m at a point where I’m on good speaking terms with my father and my father’s side, and him and my mom are now entering this new chapter of co-parenting both me and my sister, if you told me this five years ago, I would not have believed you in my wildest dreams,” she confessed.

“If there’s anyone out there and one of your parents or a family member, maybe one of your kids, isn’t in your life and you guys aren’t on the best of terms, I want you to know that it is possible to heal those relationships. It is possible to move forward. It is possible to grow,” she said.

Lorin also stressed that she’s not one to dwell on past hurts and she would rather move forward and focus on the future.

“Even when it feels like it’s impossible, the right people will come back into your life in God’s perfect timing. Obviously, there was a lot of hurt for 15 years, but my mindset is that the past is the past. There’s really nothing we can do to alter or change it and I’m not the type of person to dwell on the 15 years, and instead, focus on the next 15 years,” she explained.

Talking about her younger self, Lorin added, “It really is never too late. I’m 18 years old. I’m an adult now. And I’m doing things that younger me would really have appreciated and would have really loved. And I really think about her, my younger self, very often especially in these moments because I wish I could just go up to her and hug her and be like, ‘You will see Baba again.’”

Watch the full vlog below:

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