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WATCH: Dimples Romana surprises daughter Callie on her first flying session

Callie broke down in tears upon seeing Dimples in person ❤️

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

7/20/2022 in News
WATCH: Dimples Romana surprises daughter Callie on her first flying session

Dimples Romana made sure she was present for her eldest child and unica hija Callie’s first flying session in Gold Coast, Australia.

On Tuesday, July 19, the “Block Z” actress took to Instagram to share a video of the touching moment when she surprised Callie on the day of her first flight.

In the caption, Dimples admitted to having a difficult time being away from her daughter who is currently studying Aviation Management at the Southern Cross University.

"Ever since she left for college and stay here in Australia, I’ve been having bad homesickness from not seeing her plus terrible post-partum blues pa. @papaboyetonline knows this. Ganito din ako nun kay Alonzo. But he’s so good at handling my post-partum blues for me," she wrote in the post.

She continued, "Tinanggap ko naman nang matagal bago kami magkikita ulit ni Ate. Kuya Alonzo is going to big school na, I was going to give birth to Elio and basically all the odds were against Callie and I being together, and I being there for her for her milestones here as a student pilot. But the Lord knows how my heart yearns to be with her. And He has heard my silent prayers.”

The “The Mall, The Merrier” actress  also explained why her husband Boyet Ahmee was not able to fly with her to attend Callie’s flying session.

"Long story short, we have been waiting for @papaboyetonline to get his AUS visa pero natatagalan and there’s really nothing we can do about it. 'Til early last week when we got a phone call that it was only MY visa that came out first. And Ate Callie was scheduled to have her first flying training sesh two days later. So we decided that I fly first, (but, of course, I cannot stay long, 

leaving na din in a few days for my boys) but ultimately we didn’t want Ate to feel that, just because a lot of things have been happening in Manila for our new family set up, that she wasn’t a priority anymore and that we can’t be there for her just the same way we’ve always been when she was little up until the time she left for college," she revealed.

As an eldest child herself, Dimples shared how she could relate to Callie’s independence and why she and Boyet have made it a point to show their support and care to all their children equally.

"Ate din ako, panganay, at kadalasan even if I wanted to say I needed my family more, I won’t say it. Lagi ko kasing iniisip na baka mas kailangan ng mga kapatid ko. Hindi pa man din nagsasalita itong anak namin to. She’d rather keep it to herself than tell 

us she needs us. Napakabait. So here’s @papaboyetonline and I making sure that ALL our children, regardless of age, milestones and locations, would ever feel they’re any less valued than their other siblings. Sacrifices have been made being away from each other, but all in all, as @callieahmee would say every end of day, 'thank you for TODAY,'" she said in the post.



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In addition to the three-minute video, Dimples also posted snaps of Callie’s special milestone on her Instagram Story.

Aside from Callie, Dimples and Boyet have two more children: seven-year-old Alonzo and newborn Elio.

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