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LOOK: Doug, Chesca Kramer building another 'dream home'

Doug shares how he and Chesca are excited for their passion project

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/20/2022 in News
LOOK: Doug, Chesca Kramer building another 'dream home'

Doug and Chesca Kramer are building another dream home together!

In an Instagram post yesterday, July 19, the celebrity couple expressed their excitement over their new milestone as they happily 

posed in the lot where they'll build the property.

However, the two clarified that the "dream home" they'll be building won't be for them, but for a future family who will purchase 

the house once built.



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"Building another dream home! A build and sell passion project for me and my forever partner," Doug wrote in the caption.

"Ever since our home tour video, so much have said that our home is a dream home for many. So today, we took the first step into 

building a dream home that our family would love, but with the intention of building it for another family (investor) in the near 

future," he added.

The couple also shared how excited they are to pour their vision and hearts to their passion project.

It was in 2019 when the Kramer family moved into their new home in Antipolo.

A month later, they gave a peek of their house in a YouTube vlog, which now has over 8.2 million views as of writing.

Doug and Chesca have three children: 13-year-old Kendra, 10-year-old Scarlett, and 9-year-old Gavin.

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